Water Pollution

What is the affect of water pollution?

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pollution leaks out into the water and makes water pollution

water pollution affect human beings , aquatic animals , water animals , plants

Water pollution can affect land animals because when they drink it they get sick. It can affect aquatic life by different things depending on what kind of pollution it is

Air PollutionWater PollutionLand PollutionNoise Pollution

Water pollution can seriously affect the health of creatures that live in it and drink it and Plants that are irrigated with it.

if you have no water you will die you no

Air pollution, food pollution and rarely water pollution can affect the fetus adversely.

Water pollution can affect the animals because some animals drink the water so then the animal will get sick also some animals live in the water.

it can kill the plants. like the pollution in the water, the water cycle soaks up that water and pollution and when it rains it can infect the plants by killing them.

People can get sick and die from pollution, especially in water.

eels affect pollution by when their electricity mixes with water it makes some pollution, but not much therefore creating water pollution. It also affects us because it can't be evaporated again unless cleanly rinsed out

when the effluents added to water

water pollution affect biodiversity be killing some of the fish and as the fish die there are less and less spices that live in that lack and area

Water pollution affects society by regulating the food supply. Water pollution also affects the amount of drinking water available for human and agricultural consumption.

Because the plants can die from bad water.

Industrialization may lead to pollution in bodies of water near factories. The pollution may kill the plants in the water that produce oxygen, which will in turn affect consumers.

The precaution of water pollution is that it can lead to the contamination of water supplies and may kill wildlife. This can have a global affect on the environment and people.

Water cycle can be interrupted by deforestation. Water pollution can also affect it.

Industrial pollution effects aquatic life and the water it self.It makes the water dirty and contagious and does not help the enviornment.

Water Pollution affects us by having to deal with cancer and issues with the body. Pollutants can harm you and others.

Air pollution add pollutants to rain water. It may also cause acid rain.

Pollution affects waterfalls because pollution goes through air and can actually fly into water and rivers, which causes water pollution that can somewhat spread. This kills algae and fish and it kills our clean source of water.