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Sears Ranger model38 B Stevensany shotgun or rifle made by j Stevens arms co . marked Ranger was sold by Sears. The Ranger brand was used by sears on most of their fire arms before the 2nd world war.from 1946 on sears used J C Higgins There fore your gun is prewar late 1930s
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Q: What is the age and value of J Stevens Firearms Co bolt action 410 model 38b stamped Ranger?
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Who made the 410 Ranger 101 bolt action shotgun?


What year did j Stevens firearms make the Stevens model 124 bolt action shotgun?

1947 - 1953

Where can you find information about a Stevens 44 shot lever action rifle?

Flayderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms

Where can you find a diagram and parts for a Stevens model 95 break action shotgun at?

Contact Customer Service for Savage Firearms. They have owned the Stevens name since the 1920's.

Info on 22 ranger bolt action rifle?

Blue Book of Gun Values, Standard Dictionary of Firearms.

What is a Browning ranger shotgun?

The Stevens Model 520 was built on a Browning patent and so marked. Stevens also built the gun for Sears before World War II under the 'Ranger' tradename, so if you have a slide-action shotgun marked 'Ranger' and 'Browning Patent' then that is what you have.

What is the model number of your j Stevens lever action the patent date stamped on the barrel mar 1910 it is a 32 rem cal?


What is the age and value of a J Stevens 20 ga proof-tested Ranger shotgun?

What type of action? Ranger usually means it was sold through the Montgomery Wards catalog.

What is the age and value of a Springfield Stevens Ranger 22 bolt action with a tubular magazine?

Tops out at $100-$125.

How old is a savage Stevens model 58 20 gauge bolt action shotgun?

The savage/stevens model 58 was made during the years 1933-1945,with a total production of 29,500 firearms made.

What caliber is a bolt action rifle marked Fabric Firearms 1927 on the barrel with the marking 2v3349 stamped on the barrel twice?

Can't be determined from the markings you list.

Does Stevens 12 gauge model 320 pump action shoot steel shot in original barrel?

The Stevens brand is owned by Savage Firearms. Contact their customer service staff at 800-370-0708 for a definitive answer.

What is the value of a Stevens pump action shotgun?

It will depend on the condition, but according to my Standard Catalog of Firearms , $100 in NRA Good condition or $125 if Very Good.

What is the age and value of a Stevens Marksman 22 cal lever action rifle serial number 849?

Go to for answers about antique firearms. Very informative.

When was the Ranger model 35 manufactured?

Cross referencing store brands cn be iffy. Sear used the Ranger name- and so did others. IF your Ranger 35 is a bolt action 22 with a tubular magazine, it is a Stevens Mdl 66, made from 1931-1935. If that does not describe YOUR Ranger, please repost with some additional info- type of weapon, caliber, type action, etc.

Who made the Ranger 101-5 bolt action single-shot 410 shotgun?

Ranger Shotguns were sold by Sears Roebuck and Company. Several companies made the Ranger including J. Stevens Arms, Merlin, and Hunter Arms.

Who made the Sears-Roebuck Ranger model 30 slide action 20 ga shot gun?

It's a Stevens 520 with a Sears name.

Where can you find information about a single shot bolt action Ranger 101.21 that has 3 patents listed on it?

Manufactured for Sears by Stevens, pre-WW2.

How can you identify a 22 caliber Ranger pump action rifle marked 22 SL LR on the barrel?

Made by Stevens before World War II.

Are assault rifles automatically registered when bought from a dealer?

NFA tax stamped short-barreled rifles/shotguns and full auto weapons are registered in the course of the licencing process. Normal Category I firearms (semi auto, bolt action, lever action, single shot, etc.) firearms are not, and, in most states, are not required to be registered.

What is value of 16 gage pump action model ranger?

Ranger on Browning Patent This was sold by Sears , but made by Stevens between 1912 and 1942. It was not made by Browning. Typically they are valued between $100-$250 depending on condition.

Where can you get parts for a 22 caliber Ranger Model 101.13 bolt action rifle?

Your gun is a Savage/Stevens Model 86. has some parts. After that it is a long search.

How old is a Stevens model 840 bolt action 22?

stevens bolt action 22 model 840

Are there schematics for Stevens model 75 22 slide action?

schematics for a stevens model 75 22 slide action

What is the Action Replay ID for Pokemon Ranger?

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