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This gun was made in 1958 which was the first year for the 20ga made in an auto5 Value is too difficult to be accurate without seeing the gun. Condition which includes the amount of original finish and original configuration will determine value. Auto 5's with recoil pads (other than Mag 12's) poly-chokes and compensators will reduce value. Recommend taking it to a gun shop for appraisal.

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Q: What is the age and value of a 20 gauge Browning round knob serial 8z1401?
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Where is the serial number on a 12 gauge Belgian-made Browning 5-round automatic?

On the bottom of the receiver

Browning round knob Belguim 421x90 serial 12 gauge Value?

50-500 usd

What is the year and value of a Belgium Browning Twenty gauge with factory vent rib round grip gold trigger original blue and light wood serial 8Z 6051 in good condition?

50-375 usd

Does a browning a5 Magnum serial number OV26926 have a flat or round knob on the original stock The gun was made in 1960.?

Round knob pistol grip.

What is the age and value of a browning 16 gauge round knob marked 123872 gold trigger?

1932, 100-1000 usd

Where can you find information about an older humpback round knob 20 gauge Browning automatic shotgun with the serial E5 over 802?

This "E5" makes no sense. There isn't a Browning prefix known in any guage with this combination, however if the information is correct, it is best to have an expert examine the gun to identify what it is. Please re-check the numbers.

Please value a 12 gauge plain barrell Browning A-5 round knob made in 1939 good condition?

300 or so

What is the year made of a Belgium made Browning 9mm with serial T293034 with a round hammer with hole through it and checkerd wood grips?

Made in 1969.

How old and value is h and R model 490 serial number AJ221797?

Made in 1972, value round $80, depending on gauge and condition.

What is dial gauge?

A round gauge with a needle to point at the measure.

What year was a Browning Sweet Sixteen with SN of X20179 manufactured?

Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen 16 gauge shotgun. Original Belgian made sweet 16 with matted rib barrel. Early gun with round knob made in 1963. $1150.00 see picture Item# S1659. I found this information at The serial number specified in the question was made in 1948.

What is the value of a 1966 Browning A5 M 12 gauge magunum with a round pistol grip worth in 90 percent condition?

This gun should bring $500-$750 depending

Can a Browning A Bolt 4-round 270 Magazine fit in 3-Round magazine rifle?


What is the manufacturing date of a Sweet 20 Browning shotgun with 'oz' above the serial 44587?

The A-5 you are referring to is a Light 20. The "Z" denotes Light 20 Gauge (and you can look on the non-bolt side of the receiver and it will be written there). The 0 means it was made in 1960. Your shotgun should have a gold trigger and a round pistol grip. At the top of the magazine cap above the forend you should have 2 rings around it. The factory light 20 A-5 did not come with a pad, but with a butt plate with FN marked on it. If you have questions please call me at Browning Collector There is no "Sweet 20". Go to the Browning website to determine what model you have and determine the date.

The surface gauge is use for?

The surface gauge is useful when finding the center of a cross-sectional piece of a round section.

Browning flat or round knob stock do they determine the year or quality?


What year and information can you tell me about a browning belgium twenty gauge serial number 7z fn 79058 any info would be a great help?

Your Browning light weight 20 gauge model auto-5 shotgun was made by the firm FN in Herstal Belguim in the year 1967.These fine made shotguns were available with either the checkered pistol grip round knob (until 1967) or flat knob(1967-1976),this shotgun could also be had with either a plain barrel,or a vent rib barrel configuration.The length of the barrel was either,26in,28in,or 30 inches in length.The firm FN Fabrique Nationale made all Browning auto-5 shotguns from 1903-1976.I hope this info is helpful.

How do you know your browning a-5 is a Belgian Browning?

A lot of the time it says made in Belgium on the barrel. Also many A-5's that have a round knob for the stock they are Belgium but that it not a definite. They moved manufacturing to japan in 1976 and they changed their serial number coding.

What type of action is the browning a bolt controlled round feed or push feed?


Did Browning make a 9mm pistol with a 13 round clip in the mid 70's?


What is the age of a Belgium 9mm Browning Hi Power serial 45987?

The serial number 45987 does not show in any of my sources. The first number begins with 70000. There is one source,, which states that before 1958, Browning serial numbers did not contain date or model information, and cannot be dated using the serial number. I would further ask, does your gun actually state 'Hi-Power'? and does it have browning grips or 'FN' [ Fabrique Nationale ] stamped on them? Is the hammer spur or round, does it have fixed or adjustable sights? Is it made in Belgium and assembled in Potugal? All these things may be pieced together to get closer to a manufacting date. John Moses Browning designed this gun, as well as many others such as the Colt Government 1911, but sold the designs or had them made by other companies. FN made most of his guns and FN finally purchased the company in 1977. In 1991 GIAT bought FN -Browning, and they also had some dealings with B.C Miroku [Japan]

Do people make a 20 gauge armor piercing round?

Not that I am aware of.

Can a Charles daily 12 gauge take a 30 round clip?


What did the boxers tie round thir fists?

gauge cotton bandage.

What years did browning have round knobs on the stock of the auto-5 shotguns?

1923 - 1966 had round knobs as standard stocks 1967 and up had flat pistol grips auto5man my browning a-5 made in 1988 in liege belgium has the roung knob stock, and i know it has never been changed. I ask the question " did browning offer both round knobs and pistol grips from 1067 on?"