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Your Stevens model 9478 single barrel shotgun was made from 1987-1988.The value is between 60-85 dollars in the condition that you describe.

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What is the value of an Ithaca model 200 e double barrell shotgun?

If it is in excellent condition it might bring $1200 - $1500

How can you get a stock for a mod 235 Stevens double barrell?


What is the age of a J Stevens 410 break-top pistol with a 12 inch barrell?

your Stevens model 410 was made from 1939-1945 in the amount of 105,000.

What is the value of a Stevens model 311a shotgun?

I also have a Stevens 311A Double Barrell, doubled triggered 12 gauge shotgun made by Savage Arms in very good condition and do not know the age or the value. My gun has a ribbed barrel, but the stock is not walnut. JT 1/19/08

What is the age of a J Stevens 410 break top pistol with a 12 inch barrell?

The stevens model 35 off hand shotgun was made between the years 1923-1935.

Price on a 1880 Ithaca double barrell shotgun outside hammers dumacus rolled steel barrell?

Without more information like model number serial number, and overall condition I can only give you an approximate value. In like new condition, around $900.00, in very good condition, around $500.00, in good condition, around $300.00 and in poor condition, around $100.00.

What is the value of a 12 gauge double barrell Hartford shotgun serial 148914?

what is the value of a Hartford double barrell 12 gage shotgun with duel over head hammers great condition

When was Stevens double barrell 311e manufactured?

I can say that the Stevens model 311 side by side shotgun was discontinued in 1989.I would go to the Savage arms web site,they may be able to help you find out when the manufacture of your shotgun was started.

What is the value of a Tradition by Fausti over and under 12 gauge shotgun?

500 if in new condition 250in bad condition these were the prices i found for my 26" barrell 12 ga.

What is the value of a 38 smith and Wesson 5 barrell in top condition?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all features, condition, finish, box, papers, accessories, etc..

When did Ben Barrell die?

Ben Barrell died in 1969.

When was Ben Barrell born?

Ben Barrell was born in 1885.

When was Rachel Barrell born?

Rachel Barrell was born in 1978.

When was Bernard Barrell born?

Bernard Barrell was born in 1919.

When did Bernard Barrell die?

Bernard Barrell died in 2005.

When was John Barrell born?

John Barrell was born in 1943.

Value of Remington woodmaster 742 bdl serial 6938094?

I'm selling mine for $275- Add went in the paper today and I already have 3 interested buyers. The wood and gun barrell is in excellent condition. Local gunshop said it should sell in and instant for $275-300.

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