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MOST IVER JOHNSON PISTOLS DO NOT FETCH A LOT OF DOUGH! EVEN IN PERFECT SHAPE! THIS MODEL WAS PRODUCED FROM BETWEEN 1958 AND 1975. I BELEIVE YOURS WAS PRODUCED IN 1964. THE REASON THE IVER JOHNSONS ARE HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER, IS PURE AND SIMPLE. THEY ARE A GREAT AND ACCURATE GUN. VERY WELL MADE. I HAVE EVERY GAUGE OF THE IVER JOHNSON CHAMPION SHOTGUN AND THE HERCULES AND SKEETER MODELS. I WOULD PUT THEM UP AGAINST ANY REMINGTON OR WINCHESTER THAT WERE MADE. The first course of action to discern the value of a gun is to identify the make, model, manufacturing date, variation and condition. The book "Iver-Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Firearms 1871-1993" by W. Goforth may help accomplish this. Then it's a simple matter of looking your gun up in one of the many firearm value books, such as the Blue Book of Gun Values, or the Standard Catalog of Firearms.

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Q: What is the age and value of a 38 SW Iver Johnson Viking 67-S pistol serial P7305 in mint condition?
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What is the age and value of a 38 SW Iver Johnson Viking 67 S pistol serial P7305 in mint condition?

The Iver Johnson viking was made between the years 1964-1978.The value of this firearm in the condition in which you describe is 200 dollars.

What is the age and value of an Iver Johnson 38 pistol in excellent condition serial 50927?

Generally, Iver Johnson revolvers will sell for up to $200 in excellent condition. Typical used IJ prices are half that.

What is the value of a Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle works 5 shot 32 caliber pistol serial number 9667?

$50-100, depending on condition.

What is the value of an Iver Johnson sealed 8 .22 caliber pistol Serial number M6432?

140-200 dollars,depending on overall condition and a decent bore.

Can you tell me about a 32 cal Iver Johnson serial 67579?

How do I open an Iver johnson 32 cal pistol?

What is the value for a 1959 colt frontier scout pistol serial 48899F?

The 1959 Colt frontier scout pistol, serial number 48899F is valued at $900 in excellent condition. In fair condition, it is valued at $400.

What is an Iver Johnson Revolver with serial number C76058?

it is a brake away pistol with 5 shots

What Year made Iver-Johnson Single action pistol 22 serial E32850?


What is the value of aIver Johnson 38 cal viking serial no p5644?

10-100 USD depending on specifics

What is the value of the pistol whit the ser no 61507?

serial numbers are of no value without the makers name, model of pistol, caliber and overall condition.....................

How do you open a Iver Johnson 22 pistol serial number 27684?

Press upward on the rear sight.

What is value of a colt 22 pistol with serial number 1434074?

value depends on overall condition....................

How much is a springfield arms 45 pistol worth?

that would depend on overall condition and when it was made. by furnishing the serial number it can be determined when pistol was made...............

What is the value of a Remington UMC 380 m51 pistol serial number pa17692?

The value will be determined by the condition of the pistol. Anywhere from $0 to $500. In Mint condition especially in the box they can be worth double that.

What is the age of Colt automatic 25 caliber pistol serial number?

value depends on overall condition.....

What is the value of a colt target 22 pistol?

value is based on overall condition, model and serial number........................

What is the value of the 38 Cal Owl Head Pistol serial C9498?

$25 to $125, depending on condition.

What is the value of Ithaca 45 cal. pistol with serial no 1268710?

Probably between $1500 and $2,000 depending on condition, matching serial numbers, etc.

What are the serial numbers that are valuable on a SW 38 caliber 1895 top break pistol?

Condition is more important than serial number. That being said the earlier and better condition will be worth more.

What is the value of a Harrington and Richardson 32 caliber pistol serial 452578?

$25-$175, depending on model and condition.

What is the value of a smithwesson 40 cal pistol serial number PAF9829?

100-400 USD depending on condition.

What is the value of a 22 lr ruger mark 2 target pistol serial 221-65966?

Depends on condition. About $250 for one in very good condition.

What is the age and value of a colt 32 caliber semi-automatic pistol serial number 327760?

about 1920 the value would depend of overall condition of pistol.

What is the price of a 9 m lugar pistol with serial number 3814A?

value depends on overall condition. pictures are helpfull..............

What can you tell about a 32 cal savage pistol serial 23993?

In good, firing condition they are reasonably valuable, if underpowered and antiquated.