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Not sure about Savage but the 7mm Rem Mag has been around since the early 60's, I believe. As far as the Manuel, you can go directly to Savage and order one from there depending on how old your 110 is. Seems the value of Savage is holding pretty good. I have a 110 7mm that I got about a year ago and see them for sale for about the same price i paid for mine. They are excellent rifles. I just sold my Remington 7mm model 770 and decided to keep the Savage

what is the serial number? need that to date it Savage Repairs


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Yes. I have a Savage Model 110 7mm-08. I don't think they make it in this model anymore, but they do make 7mm-08 in other models.

It can range anywhere from about $299.99 to about $399.99.

Contact Savage Arms Customer Service through their website.

Value about $300-500, depending on condition, and the exact model. There were Several Mdl 111's in 7mm Mag.

It should be marked on the barrel. There are other 7mm rounds besides the 7mm Mag.

Without changing the bolt, the 110 can be fitted with barrels in 7mm-08, 35 Whelen, 30-06, 270, 26-06, .308, 243, and .280.

Relax, Stop being a freak, who cares. Does it matter? If it does, convince me.

you need a rail for a LA 110. Midways got it. You need to know if you have a real flat reciever or round.

They can go from a range of $299.99 to $399.99 all USD Currency. Usually the lower priced ones are used (Like New) Condition.

350-550 dollars depending on overall condition of your savage model 99C.

i just bought the same model at the big 5 with scope for about 425.00 good price synthitic thou it has a clip!?

30/30, .243, 250 Savage, 300 Savage, 308 Winchester, 7mm Mauser

0-multiple thousands depending on exact configuration, age, condition, accessories, box, manual, papers, etc..

Yes, in 1965, Savage made the model 99C. It was available in the 7mm-08, and is valued higher than the other calibers on this model.

federal premium trophy bonded tips 160g

A while back there was a long action version of the Savage Model 12 (I think it was the 112BVSS) that was chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum. The last I ever really heard of them was back in the late 1990s. I've not seen anything about it since then. For now the only manufacturer that makes a bull barrel 7mm Remington Magnum is Remington, their Sendero line, as a matter of fact.

A call to Browning for a manual or a trip to a gunsmith is in order.

You can download one from the Browning website.

10 has short action, 110 has long action. Differerence is about 1 /4 inch in the length of the Receivers. Short action calibers include .223 up to .308, Long action calibers include 270, 30-06 and magnum calibers 7MM and up to 458 Magnum.

I don't know the value, but would love to own one.

I just picked one up in Cody, WY for $295 w/ Millett 3-9/40 scope. I have put 50 rounds down range and it fires well.

100-1000 + depending on specifics

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