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It was made between November 57 and April 1958. Records are sketchy with the "A" prefix Auto5's, and this is the closest that we can get. FN made over 10,000 in this A & T series during the period. Being a lower number, it would be safe to assume that your gun was made in 1957. Value depends on condition. On the low end a well used Sweet would fetch around $400-$600. A mint in the box could bring $1800+.

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Q: What is the age and value of a Belgian 16 gauge Sweet Sixteen serial 1845 with an A above it?
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What is the age of a Browning Sweet Sixteen serial 88618 with an 'S' above?


What is the age of a Belgian Browning Sweet Sixteen serial 3S above 4121?

The "S" identifies this as a "Sweet 16". Sweet 16's ARE Auto 5's and that serial number would place that gun in the first order made by J. Browning of 10,000. Production began in 1903, so you have a very early version.

How Old is a Belgium sweet sixteen - 9S is above the serial number 29355 please?

The 9S prefix to your serial number indicates that your Browning sweet sixteen model auto-5 shotgun was made in the year 1959.

Your sweet sixteen serial number is10375 what year was it made?

This is not a Sweet 16 serial number. Please check again and add the Letter and/or Number combination above or preceding the 10375.

How old old is a Browning Sweet Sixteen serial 9506?

Not enough info on the serial number. Browning never produced a sweet 16 with that number. Does it have an alpha above it or preceding the 9506?

What is the year and Value of a Browning Sweet Sixteen Serial 51203?

There isn't a Sweet Sixteen with that number alone. A letter above it or preceeding it is required. Generally Sweet Sixteens run from $400 to $2000+ depending on year, version, and condition.

Browning Sweet 16 Belgian made with serial 40739 with S9 above the serial. Browning website has proved not helpful. What is the year of production?

This gun was made in 1959

What is the age of a Browning Sweet Sixteen serial 24448?

You are missing a letter either above or preceding the number. Please recheck

How old is a browning sweet sixteen serial number 82200?

A 16 ga Auto 5 was made with that serial number in 1929, but it was not a Sweet Sixteen. Sweets were not made until 1937. Does your gun have a letter above the serial number or preceding it? If not, does the gun say Seet Sixteen on the receiver and / or have a gold trigger? If not, then your gun is the standard weight gun made in 1929. Auto5man

What is the year of manufacture of a sweet sixteen belgium browning serial 95925?

This serial number alone would indicate a Standard weight Auto 5 made in 1932, but it is not a Sweet Sixteen. Please check the number again. Is there a letter and or a letter and number above or preceding the 95925?

What is the age of Browning Sweet Sixteen number 59482?

That serial number was a 16 ga standard weight made in 1928. It was not a sweet 16. Check your serial number again, what is the letter above or preceding the number?

Browning Sweet Sixteen 5S is located above the serial number 43396 I suspect it was made in the 70s Does anyone know the exact year?

Yes.The 5S prefix to your browning sweet sixteen indicates that it was produced by browning in 1965.

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