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Don't know value, but the serial # 421681 shows it was produced around 1916. (407000-422999)

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Impossible to answer. What special edition? What is the serial number?

Basically impossible to value with just the serial number.

Don't know the value, but according to a police positive special/detective special with that serial number was made in 1930 and a police positive .38/bankers special was made in 1939.

Don't know the value but was produced around 1969 - 1970.

Don't know value, but a police positive special with that serial number was made in 1946

Don't know the value,but based on the serial number 198837,it was produced in 1920.

The serial number alone is not enough to estabish a value. This serial number falls in the made sometime during WW11 range. Value would be based on overall condition.

value depends on overall condition and model.................

No way to realistically value with just the serial number and no other data.

value depends on overall condition.............................

Impossible to value with just the serial number.

Impossible to value with only the serial number.

Serial number indicates 1938. Value would depend on the exact configuration of the shotgun, and condition. $350-$1000.

The value of a Hamilton 992B railroad special pocket watch, with the serial number C309143, and in very good condition is about $455.0.

I am trying to find out the value of my Browning Acier Special C 12 guage Shotgun KG 8663 Serial number 307368

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