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What is the age limit for a pilots license?


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student pilot license = 16 regular pilot license = 17


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In the USA, you can solo at 16 and get your license at 17.

Must be over 17 to receive a private pilots licence and you must be 16 to begin training for tue private pilots license

In Australia The basic requirements to hold a Students Pilot Licence are: you have to be minimum of 16 years of age and have the ability to communicate in English

In California there is no age limit

No age limit, you just have to know how to spell LICENSE.

The first president to get a pilots license was Dwight Eisenhower

Really?!?! Permit: age 15 License: age 16 It's the same as all states in the US

16 but the new Florida law is lowering the age limit

What is the maximum age limit for getting a driving licence for driving a commercial vehicle in India

No, it is not necessary, however you still have to be over a certain age limit

16 but i think in 2008 it will be 17

It depends on what you mean by license, and where you are located. If you mean a permit to carry a gun, in most U.S. states, the minimum age is 21.

The minimum age requirement for a private pilots license is 17. However, you are eligible to solo at age 16 and can receive training at any age.

There is no age limit to ride a motorcycle in Ireland. Riders only need to pass a test. Individuals start with a light license, move up to a restricted one, and finally get a full license.

There isn't an age limit, you just have to have medical need.

16 and you have to have a class motorcycle license.

The age limit to rent a car in Spain is 21. This is basically the age limit to rent cars in Europe as this limit is used in fifteen other countries. As with any car rental, one would need to have a working drivers license.

Can vary from state to state, but usually if you're under 16 you don't need a license.

maximum age for driving license in India is 60 years.

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