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Made in 1934.

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Q: What is the age of 16ga browning shotgun Belgium barrel stamped 167166 and a receiver stamp of 14025?
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Browning A-5 shotgun - serial number 164418 What kind of shotgun and how old it is?

This is a Auto-5 shotgun made by Fabrique Nationale in Belgium. This is a 12 guage shotgun made in 1930. The barrel should be stamped Browning Arms Co. Ogden Utah and or a combination of Ogden and St. Louis Mo. It will not have any scroll engraving on the receiver unless it is a gradeII or better. The standard grade was not engraved in that year.

Browning Light Twelve shotgun and wanted to get an Idea how much it is worth Its stamped Made in Belgium The number on the bottom is G 75485?

Check on line or Browning website

What year was your browning a5 mfgserial number 4g43210 The barrel is stamped made in Belgium and another place Saint Louis Montreal. The receiver is stamped Light 12?

It was made in 1964.

Where can I get a parts list and diagram for a Browning 16 ga Sweet Sixteen made in Belgium x8269 stamped on the Bottom of the receiver?

E gunparts should have one.

What is the value of a 20 gauge Browning single shotgun serial 3525 made in Belgium?

Please provide all the markings exactly as they are stamped on the gun. The information you have provided does not match any Browning product.

When was a Browning twelve gauge shotgun stamped 58887 manufactured?

If you are asking about a Browning Auto-5 shotgun,then it was made in the year 1923,with the serial number that you have provided.

Where is Belgium printed on the sweet 16 browning?

it would be stamped on the right side of the barrel.

When did browning stop stamping on the barrel fabric en belgium?

Browning imported guns never did say "fabric en belgium". Those guns that were made by FN were all stamped "made in Belgium" on the barrels, for those guns that were made for Browning. There are Browning patent guns made by FN that were sold outside the US and not imported by Browning that may have said fabric, but not on a Browning Arms Co. gun. Browning stopped production on the A5 in 1976 when production began in Japan. Any gun no matter when it was made in Belgium would be stamped made in belgium. Different models were made at different times and production by FN varied as to when they ceased.

You have an antique pump 20 gauge shotgun stamped Ranger It is hammerless with a square receiver similar to a browning automatic There is no serial number but it is very well made and has a modern fel?

This is probably a Stevens model 520. What is your question?

What is the mfg date of a Browning Auto-5 with a serial of A14279 stamped on the side of the receiver?

This is a 16ga American made Browning made in 1946. auto5man

How can you tell the model number of an old 12 gauge Western Field shotgun?

It should be stamped on the side of the receiver.

Where can you find the serial number for a Browning Light 12 made in Belgium?

Look on the bottom of the receiver, just forward of the magazine port. The serial number is stamped into the metal. Use all numbers and letter combinations if is has letters to identify the serial number.

How can you find the model of a Springfield shotgun?

The model number is stamped on the right side of the receiver on many Stevens products.

Where do you look on western field shotgun for model number?

Generally it is stamped on the side or top of the barrel near the receiver.

What are the patent numbers for the browning citori and bss shotguns?

Serial number on a Citori is under the breakdown lever on the receiver. It should also be stamped on the barrel where it locks up on the receiver.

What year was this Browning auto 5 shotgun 20 gauge with serial number A14309?

This is what is called an American Browning. These guns were produced by Remington in the US (New York) for Browning after Belgium was overun by the Germans in WWII. The guns were made using Remingtons model 11 equipment. A few modifications were made to incorporate more of the Browning features and were all stamped Browning Arms Co. St. Louis Mo. Your 16ga gun sn: A14309 was made and shipped to Browning in 1946.

Where can you find info on a Browning Sweet Sixteen with serial number 68s over 80253 under the receiver and the barrel is stamped made in Belgium Browning Arms St Louis and Montreal?

What type of info do you need? The gun is a Sweet 16 made in 1968. It has a flat knob pistol grip and is the last year Browning had the St. Louis address on the barrel. They changed to Morgan Utah in 1969.

Who can help me stamped on receiver fn made in belgium 4 24 62 colo spgs stamped on bottom of receiver near the front of the bolt somewhat illegible but I'll try sr025 338 win?

on the surface, you have a FN made rifle in 338 Win Mag

How can you find the age of a Western Field 12 gauge shotgun with 5 serial numbers that is also stamped Browning Patent?

Gun Digest.

Crescent firearms 12 gauge double barrel shotgun the number stamped on the receiver is 287534 It also is stamped Peerless model Can you tell me more about this gun's history?

THey were made by crescent firearm company.

Will all t-bolt clips fit a browning t-bolt 22lr stamped browning arms st louismo-montrealcanada and was made in belgium?

They shoud, but, might not due to tolerance differences by who made the magazine.

Are 20 gauge Browning 1961 Auto-5 shotguns all Lights even if they are not stamped 'Light' on the receiver?

Yes. The magnum was not introduced until 1967.

What is the approximate value a of double barrel Ithaca shotgun stamped on barrel 36323L stamped on receiver 33323L the gun is ingood condition it also has double triggers 12 gauge?

Blue Book of Gun Values will help.

Origin of Browning Shotgun stamped St. Louis Mo SN B34692 Proof Symbol Portuguese Cross next to encircled BP?

Made in Portugal

Browning sweet 16 shotgun it has sweet 16 engraved on the left side serialis 14990 with 3s stamped above it?

What is your question? This gun was made in 1963