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Who is the maker on the box?(Remington,Federal,CCI,Fiocchi) I dont know what you mean by stainless lead bullets. Is there any markings on the box that say what kind of ammo you have? Need more info to answer.


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.30 caliber bullet, 30 grains of blackpowder when it was originally made. Smokeless powder is now used. Actually the 30-30 began life as the 30 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) aka 30 Winchester Smokeless or 30 SMOKELESS. The second 30 refers to 30 grains of smokeless powder. (30 grains of black powder would have been a pretty whimpy load)

Yes. The more powder the bigger the bang and the faster the bullet moves. The faster the bullet goes, the more heat energy it will generate because of friction, and the initial blast from the powder.

The correct cartridge for your Winchester 30WCF(Winchester Center Fire) is the 30-30 Winchester.These may be found in 150gr. or 170gr. bullet weights.

The first bullet was made at 1883. It was a Smith and Wesson .22 caliber rimfire cartridge.

smith&wesson model 19-6

It fires a 7.62x51mm NATO bullet, which is similar to a .308 Winchester.

Nothing, really, but the name of the cartridge. When Winchester introduced the Model 94 in 1894 in the brand new smokeless powder round .30 Winchester caliber, most of the other ammunition on the market was black powder and had names such as 25-20, 44-40, 45-70, etc. These names stood for the caliber (diameter of the bullet) and how many grains of black powder were in the load. The .30 Winchester didn't follow that convention an dpeople didn't know what to expect, so it was not well accepted in the market and sold poorly. In a marketing move, Winchester changed the name to 30-30 (still, of course, a smokeless powder round with identical components as the .30 Winchester) and the guns and ammunition sold quite well.

7.62mm bullet More specifically a 7.62x39mm bullet (the military version of the .308 winchester).

Actually written as 30-30, it indicated a .30 caliber bullet, driven by a charge of smokeless powder that was a weight of 30 grains. First called the .30 Winchester Center Fire (or .30 WCF) the name 30-30 was adopted by Marlin.

None. The priming compound and smokeless power are not considered explosives. The projectile is generally solid lead with a copper jacket.

Rimfire cartridges are comprised of a soft lead bullet, a case most often made of brass, and the smokeless propellant (powder).

The muzzle velocity of a Winchester .30-30 varies depending on the load and the bullet, but we can ball park things a bit. With a "standard" load and a 110 grain bullet, it's about 2,690 fps (feet per second). For a 130 grain bullet, about 2,500 fps. A 150 grain bullet cuts it to about 2,400 fps. With the 170 grain bullet, it drops to about 2,200 fps.

32 caliber... "32 W.S." is the designation for the 32 caliber Winchester Special cartridge.

Reloading: looking for Winchester 30 caliber .308 dia. 150gr. silver tip bullets/quanity 1000.

A grain is a measurement of weight.The reference to a bullet is used to measure the weight of the bullet.In the U.S. it is measured by Grains,in Europe it is measured in Grams.The same can be said for the measurement of smokeless,or black powder when reloading cartridges for firearms.

first but a bullet in it pull back the hammer and shoot it into your knee

WIN written on the back of a bullet casing references "Winchester", the manufacturer of the ammunition.

Depending on bullet weight and powder, 650-1000 fps or more.

WSSM= Winchester Super Short Magnum... .224 is diamater of the bullet. it is very fast!!!

Black powder, or a BP substitute such as Pyrodex. NEVER use smokeless powder. For bullets, either a lead bullet made for muzzleloaders, or a muzzleloading sabot and matching bullet. You need to read the owner's manual. If you do not have one, contact CVA thru their website.

2250 fps - 22 Winchester Mag. 30 gr. Varmint HV

It depends on what you mean. As far as bullets are concerned, the 600 Nitro Express case can hold a 900 grain bullet. Regarding powder, it holds 120 grains of smokeless powder. Grains typically refers to the weight of the bullet or the amount of powder in the casing.

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