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That gun was made in 1964 - making it 46 years old.


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You will have to call Browning with the serial number or go to their website and look it up.

With the serial number that you supplied,your Browning Safari bolt action rifle was produced by FN of Belguim for Browning in the year 1963.

Your browning safari bolt action rifle was made by FN for browning in 1963.

12 gauge Belgian Browning shotgun, serial #296305 has a sn function under customer service

Go to, select customer service, select date your firearm.

Your serial number indicates that it was made in the year 1969.

Need the serial number to answer. has a sn look up function under customer service.

Serial numbers allow for dating when produced.

The 2 letters found in your serial number(MZ) indicate that your Browning safari was made in the year 2001.

Exactly how is the pistol marked? 9mm browning serial number 72C44338

You will have to call Browning or visit their website with the sn.

No way to answer without the serial number.

You must provide the serial number in order to get an answer.

See the Browning website- customer service. Date of production by serial number listing.

your browning auto-5 shotgun was made in 1947.

You must call Browning with the serial number to find out.

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