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What is the age of a Colt rifle serial SLD25319

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Related Questions According to the above website, the rifle would have been made in 1893!

You must tell us what it is (pistol, shotgun, rifle) and all markings.

You will have to call Colt with the serial number to find out.

What is the age of a Colt Cobra with a serial number 58472-LW has serial number tables for Colt.

That Colt was made in 1891. Colt started with serial number144000 in 1992.

No such serial number for a Colt 25 ACP

You will have to get it lettered by Colt

If that is a lightning large frame express, it was the 4th one produced in 1892 (5700-5999)

The age and value of a colt .45 peacemaker serial 180356 are about 1900

your colt trooper was made by colt in 1961.

The small frame .22 rifle with that serial number was made about 1897 (112 years old) and the medium frame .32,.38 &.44 was made in 1888.(121 years old)

What Colt model? Serial number given, dT9T22 does not compute.

You will have to call Colt since you did not provide the serial number.

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

100 to multiple thousands depending on EXACTLY what you have, age, condition, accessories, box, papers, etc..

Call Colt with the sn and they will tell you.

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