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Impossible to answer without a serial number.

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A Colt ds .38 special with the serial number C44027 without the S on the end was made in 1973.

S&W never made a detective special. Colt made the Detective Special

The Colt serial number guide on the internet says Colt Detective Specials with serial numbers starting with"S", started in 1978. It should have a shrouded extractor rod.

Sometime after 1978.The list I have only goes to 1978. Serial # with S prefix started in 1978 with S01001

Sabrina carried a Colt Detective Special,Jill , a Colt Cobra w/ a hammer shroud,and Kelly had a S&W Centennial Airweight. All were in 38 special. shows 1930 for the serial number but without the "S" My production date list shows 1930: 383001-400000 and 1978 starting S01001,so it would be 1978 or after.

Colt 38 special police edition s/n 18759

From what I was able to find, the post-1993 guns had "composite" (rubber), wrap-around grips with gold medallion.

You will need to call Colt. Best guess is sometime in the 90's.

That Colt huntsman would be about 37 years old, having been produced in 1974.

.38 Special. It can also fire .38 Short Colt and .38 Long Colt. Do not attempt to fire .38 S&W from a .38 Special.

The Colt .38 Police Positive Special serial # 26348 M was produced in 1977.(19201M-59999M) made about 1908 ?For what it's worth my records show that in 1908 the serial #'s 1 through 12999 were produced.

the 38 S&W cartridge is shorter the the 38 special and the 38 S&W cylinder is also shorter the the 38 special cylinder. both colt and S&W make the 38 S&W cartridge or 38 short cartridge..........................

Made in 1974,so would be 37 years old.

If the Colt police positive special has the letter D in front of it, as in D952932, then it was produced in 1967.(D926000-D958499) about mid '60's

.38 Special, .38 Long Colt, .38 Short Colt. .38 S&W CANNOT be used in a .38 Special. .38 Special can be fired from a .357 Magnum weapon, but .357 Magnum cannot be fired from a .38 Special weapon.

The .38 Special was a round brought to life by Smith & Wesson, hence the name 38 S&W Special. Eventually other companies like Colt got hacked off at having to mark THEIR weapons with "38 S&W Special" and came out with the .38 COLT Special- which was identical except for a flat tipped bullet. Eventually, everyone shortened the name to .38 Special- except S&W Company- who wanted to keep the name. 38 S&W Special and .38 Special are one and the same. 38 S&W (no special) IS a different round, and does not interchange. Make sense? so special refers to the round

It would be 61 years old, made in 1950.

The .38 Special can fire .38 Special, or .38 Long Colt. It cannot fire the .38 S&W, which is fatter and shorter.

there are far to many #s to be a proper serial #

No. While a .38 Special may safely fire .38 Short Colt, the .38 S&W is another cartridge entirely. It is larger in diameter than the .38 Special. Firing .38 SC in a .38 S&W will result in split cartridge cases.

There are several .38 calibers out there which have had revolvers chambered for them. .38 Special and .38 Colt Special are the same thing, so if you have a .38 that is either one of those two the answer is yes. .38 S&W, .38 Short Colt, .38 Long Colt are not interchangeable with the .38 Special, so if you have an older gun that is one of those, the answer is no. If you can't figure it out, check with a reputable gunsmith.

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