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I bought a new one in 1971 20 gauge with 22 magnum, price then around 80.00

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Q: What is the age of a model 24 SE Savage Arms?
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When did savage arms stop making the model 24?

The last savage model 24(the predator model) was discontinued in the year 2007.

How much is a model 24 Savage Arms?

100-400 USD

What is the price for model 24 Savage Arms?

100-400 USD

What is a Savage Arms Rifle Model 24 worth?

According to Guns Internationals, a Savage Arms rifle model 24 is worth an estimated $795.00 in god condition. The prices will vary depending on condition.

What is the value of a savage arms corp 410 bore 3 chamber model 24?

The Savage model 24 will range in price from 165-300 dollars,depending on overall condition.

What does se stand for in model 24 savage?

savage 24 S-E

What company is curently producing the Stevens model 22-410 shot gun under a different model number?

Stevens is a sub division of the Savage arms Company.That is were I would start my search.The Savage model 24 is the model number.

How old is the savage model 24?

Model 24 .22/410 dates to around 1954. The Model 24 came in many "combo" gauges over the years. I own a Savage 24 .22/410 that was purchased new in 1955. Hope this helps.

What is the age and value of a savage 22 long rifle over a 3 inch chamber on the bottom of a 410?

Your savage model 24 o/u is valued at between 200-450 dollars depending on the condition of your savage.

What year did Savage Firearms come out with the Savage 24V series B?

The Savage model 24B was introduced in the year 1950 along with the model 24.These were made until 1965.

Where can you get parts for the Savage model 24?

check the website at gunpartscorp

Savage Tactical model 110FP?

twist rate in model 110 fp with 24" barrell

Where is the serial number on a Savage Model 24?

Look on the receiver and/or barrel

What is the value of the Savage Model 24 - 3030 -12 gauge?

A Savage model 24 -3030- 12 gauge in good condition is valued at $500. It is a rifle over shotgun combo.

What company is currently producing the Stevens model 22-410 shotgun?

Savage as the Model 24.

What is value and age of savage model 24 patent number 2259397 with 2foot barrel?

the value ranges from $200.00-$800.00 depending on the condition of the fire arm.

What is the age and price of savage 22mag20gauge overunder 24 hdl?


Is the savage model 24 still in production?

The original model 24 is not. However, there is still one version of the 24 being made- a Turkey gun (model 24 F) that is 30-30, .223, or .22 Hornet over 20 g or 12 g. You can also check the Savage catalogue on line- they are still in business.

How can I find the age of a Savage Arms Model 24?

These was made from 1950-1965. The gauge of shotgun and caliber of rifle can help pinpoint a manufacture date. As well as small details, such as is the barrel grooved for a scope? Any engraving on the receiver? Where are the selectors located? What type of metal is the receiver made from? This is the best site overall for all questions and discussion about Savage Model 24s: Good luck, they are great guns!

How do you age a savage gun model 24 22 cal. 410ga. over under?

Steel wool, tea, small pieces of metal, etc.

What is the worth of a Savage 22 over 410 Model 24?

100-350 USD

What company is currently producing the Stevens model 22-410?

You are thinking of the Savage Model 24 series of combination firearms. They usually came in a rifle/shotgun combination with .22 lr/410 being popular as well as the .22 lr/20 ga and many other choices. That model is no longer produced although there are many for sale on the used market and, in a truly suprising development, Savage Arms is now producing the Model 42, which is a modern version of the Mod 24 using lots of polymer and modern features. Check out the Savage web site or Auctionarms for an old one.

What is the rate of twist in a Savage Model 24 223?

The factory website lists the twist rate for .223 for the model 24F as 1 in 14 for the 24 inch barrel.

What is the value of a savage model 24 410 22 long rifle?

100-400 USD

What is the going rate for a savage model 24 combo gun?

100-500 USD or so