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check the website at gunpartscorp

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Q: Where can you get parts for the Savage model 24?
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When did savage arms stop making the model 24?

The last savage model 24(the predator model) was discontinued in the year 2007.

What does se stand for in model 24 savage?

savage 24 S-E

Where can you get parts for a Savage Springfield Model 18?

Parts of Savage Springfield Model 18 are available at Gun Parts Corporation. These can also be bought from Field and Stream.

Can you buy parts for a savage model 24 410 22?


Where can you buy parts for a savage model 24 410 22?, gun shows, gun shops, want ads

How old is the savage model 24?

Model 24 .22/410 dates to around 1954. The Model 24 came in many "combo" gauges over the years. I own a Savage 24 .22/410 that was purchased new in 1955. Hope this helps.

Where to get parts for model 72 savage 22?

What year did Savage Firearms come out with the Savage 24V series B?

The Savage model 24B was introduced in the year 1950 along with the model 24.These were made until 1965.

What is the value of a savage arms corp 410 bore 3 chamber model 24?

The Savage model 24 will range in price from 165-300 dollars,depending on overall condition.

What is the value of the Savage Model 24 - 3030 -12 gauge?

A Savage model 24 -3030- 12 gauge in good condition is valued at $500. It is a rifle over shotgun combo.

Looking for parts diagram AND parts list for a savage model 24 22-410 OVER UNDER shotgun?

Go to Numrich Arms website, you can see a parts list and purchase a parts diagram for about anything-

Where can you get parts and service for a Savage model 3 B 22 caliber single shot rifle?

Hello: Your best bet is to watch the gun auction websites for parts or non-working parts rifles that have the parts you need. Be aware that Savage made several variations of the Model 3. And parts between the variations don't always interchange. Savage also market Model 3 variants under the Stevens and Springfield maker name (both owned by Savage). It took me 2 years to find bolt parts for my early Model 3.

Info and parts for a Ted Williams model 101.510070?

Try Savage model 94

Stevens savage model 87h 22 automatic parts?

Bobs gun parts

Where can I find parts for a Savage Model 3? seems to have everything you have to check your model number but most of the parts seem to there

Where can you get parts for a Savage model 6A auto 22?

Try Numrich Gun Parts, I belive they have parts for them.

What is a Savage Arms Rifle Model 24 worth?

According to Guns Internationals, a Savage Arms rifle model 24 is worth an estimated $795.00 in god condition. The prices will vary depending on condition.

Where can you find parts for a 22 LR Western Field Model 31?

Your gun is a Savage model 620. Try for parts.

Who has parts for Stevens Savage model 59A?

I seem some parts for your gun on e-bay

Savage Tactical model 110FP?

twist rate in model 110 fp with 24" barrell

What company is currently producing the Stevens model 22-410 shotgun?

Savage as the Model 24.

Where do you find parts for a Savage Model 7J?


Where can i find parts for a savage springfield model 18E 410?

Where is the serial number on a Savage Model 24?

Look on the receiver and/or barrel

How much is a model 24 Savage Arms?

100-400 USD