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What is the age to become a wrestler?

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to be a pro wrestler you must be at least 18

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How old do you have to be a wrestler?

It depends. . . for a professional wrestler about 18 or 19 but anyone can become a wrestler at any age.

Can you become a kids wrestler in England under te age of 13?


Is it dear to become a wrestler?

Yes it is dear to become a wrestler.............

How do you become a pro-wrestler?

get good at wrestling

How can you be a tna wrestler?

Become a good wrestler and try and get a tryout.

How old do you have to be to become a sumo wrestler?

You have to have graduated from junior high school. That is probably around the age of 13 in Japan.

Is 26 Too old to become a wrestler?

No if u were too old to become a wrestler you would be 30 or older

Were do you go to become a wrestler?

what king of wrestler do you want to beemail me at and i will answer any questions you have i am a pro wrestler

How do you become a tna superstar?

Become a good wrestler.

Why did Brett hart become a wrestler?

Through his family. His dad was a wrestler as was his mom

Who is allowed to be a sumo wrestler?

Anyone can become a sumo wrestler. The first step is to be accepted into a sumo stable, a sort of club or commune where you live and train. You can enter a stable at a young age, as young as 13.

How old do you have to be to become a wrestler?


How do you get into tna wresting?

Become a wrestler

What is a good age to start training to become a WWE wrestler?

In Australia you start training when you are 16 but you can always workout before that to get strong

How can you be a nxt?

If you mean,how can you be a wrestler on NXT,then you need to become a wrestler,get signed to fcw and you will get to be on nxt.

How do you become a WWE wrestler as a kid?

you can't

How do you become a professional WWE wrestler?

you have to be in a school

How do you become a wrestler without a trainer?

You don't..

How can you become a wrestler in OVW?

try an adittion

Do you need papers to be a pro wrestler?

Yes it requires alot of paper and signing to become a Pro Wrestler

Can you become a WWE Wrestler with a disability?

there was a one legged wrestler in WWE for a little while called Zach gowen

Is it dumb to want to become a wrestler?

no not at all...i do too

Where can you go to become a wrestler for the WWE?

Pray for a miracle.

When did John Cena become a wrestler?

in April 2002

How can you become a wrestler?

go to fcw wrestling website then click on school info then click on become a fcw wrestler then you have to sign in then u can be one but its only for fcw not wwe i think