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Which Alien? In Star Wars there were many aliens including but not limited to:

  • Chewbacca-Wookie
  • Watto-Toydarian
  • Jar Jar Binks-Gungan
  • Yoda-Unknown Species
  • Wicket-Ewok
  • Darth Maul-Zabrak
  • Nien Nubb-Sulustian
  • Sebulba-Dug
  • Jabba-Hutt
  • Bib Fortuna-Twilek
  • Greedo-Rodian
  • Yaddle-Same Unknown Species as Yoda
  • Nute Gunroy-Neomodian
  • As well as various Torgutta, Quarrens, Weequay, Nikto, Gran, Utupains, Kaminoins, and Munn
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Q: What is the alien called in Star Wars?
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What is the alien called from Star Wars?

There were many types of aliens in Star Wars. Be more specific.

What are the alien star fighters called from star wars?

The alien star fighters from Star Wars are called "TIE fighters" which stands for Twin Ion Engine fighters. They are small, fast, and highly maneuverable spacecraft used by the Galactic Empire and other factions in the Star Wars universe.

Who played nikto in Star Wars?

There isn't a character named Nikto. Nikto is actually an alien species in Star Wars

What is a rodian?

The type of alien greedo (off of star wars) is.

Cute little alien in Star Wars?

An Ewok, or a Jawa, or any other little alien...

Is Star Wars language real?

English is real, alien language is not...

When did they start making Star Wars?

The first film (called Star Wars, later called Star Wars: A New Hope) came out in 1977.

What are ewoks?

Ewoks are a fictional alien race of hunter-gatherers in the Star Wars universe.

What is the new star wars movie called?

The new Star Wars movie is titled "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker."

What are the first episodes of Star Wars called?

star wars a new hope

Why is the movie Star Wars, called Star Wars?

because it is a galactic war

What is the Star Wars version of Age of Empires called?

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds