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Q: What is the amount of error when using a stopwatch in the simple pendulum experiment and by repeating the amount of swings when timing does this make it more accurate?
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What instuments can be used to measure period of a pendulum?

You could use a stopwatch.

What are the two precautions taken to ensure accurate results in simple pendulum experiment?

if you are conducting the experiment under a fan, switch off the fan to avoid your pendulum bob to swing in different degree. #stainless

What affects the period of the pendulum?

of course ... the length of the pendulum ... :) base on our experiment >>>

Which instrument can be used to measure the time taken for the pendulum to make 20 oscillations?

A stopwatch could be used.

What are the hypothesis from pendulum experiment?

Think of your own

What Is The Independent And Dependent Variables in Galileo Pendulum experiment?

Galileo's pendulum experiment showed that the period of the swing is independent of the amplitude (size) of the swing. So the independent variable is the size of the swing, and the dependent variable is the period. The experiment showed there was no dependence, for small swings anyway. The experiment led to the use of the pendulum in clocks.

Conclusion of simple pendulum experiment?

Only the length of the pendulum has an influence on the pendulum's speed, not the mass or angle of it. Although if the pendulum is red it may blow-up depending on its status.

What is the purpose of a pendulum in pendulum clocks?

The purpose of a pendulum in a pendulum clock is that it uses its weight as a way to keep accurate and precise time. When it swings back and forth the weight keeps it going at the same time every time making for more accurate timekeeping.

When was the pendulum clock invented?

1656Christiaan Huygens invented the pendulum clock and was the most accurate clock into the 1930s.

Why is a simple pendulum bob preferred to bobs of irregular shapes for use in the simple pendulum experiment?

it is less ffected by air resistance

When were pendulum clocks replaced by more accurate clocks?

In the 1930s

How does the Foucault pendulum work?

The Foucault Pendulum experiment proves that the Earth rotates beneath the pendulum, which proved that the Earth rotates. If one were to make a pendulum on the equator it would not work because it doesnt rotate at that point of the Earth.