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You can measure the amount of gravitational force being exerted on your body by standing on a bathroom scale and weighing yourself.

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Q: What is the amount of gravity on the human body?
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Center of gravity of human body?

centre of gravity of human body

Is there gravity inside the human body?

There is gravity in everything including the human body.

Is it true that massis the amount of gravity in yourbody?

No. Mass is the amount of material in your body. Your weight is determined by gravity, and will increase as gravity increases, but the actual mass of your body is not affected by gravity.

What does zero gravity affects the Human body?

It makes the human body weaker and will make the human body longer/taller

Where is the center of gravity of human body?

the pelvix

How does increased gravity effect the human body?

Increases body weight

What is the specific gravity of the human body?


Is there a gravity within humans body explain?

Gravity is generally only found within very large masses. By large I mean, planets, stars, moons etc. Therefore if the human body was much larger than it is in reality, then yes there could be a gravity in the human body. But not in a life size human body.

Is the amount of DNA in human sperm cells higher than the amount of DNA in human body cells?

No. The amount of DNA in human sperm cells is half of the amount found in body cells.

What is the center of gravity of the human body in various positions?


Does the moon affect the water in the human body?

Yes! and the water in the human body affects the moon. All matter has gravity. The effect is extremely small. Gravity is the weakest of the know forces.

Effects of gravity?

Gravity affects the human body by making the person shorter, and the blood preassure slow

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