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There are various animals depicted on 10c coins. It would depend on the country you are referring to.

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Q: What is the animal featured on the 10c coin?
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What does the 10c coin have on it?

In Australia the Lyre bird is on the 10c coin.

What animal is featured on the twenty cents coin?


How many 10c coins in 2?

In a 2 dollar coin there are 20 10c coins in it

What animals appears on a 10C coin?


Why is the lyrebird on the ten cent coin?

The Superb Lyrebird is on the Australian 10c coin because it is particularly unique to Australia.

What kind of person is featured on the 2dollar coin?

Queen Elizabeth is featured on the two dollar coin and is mostly on nearly all coins.

Why is a loud rumble heard before the shaking of an earthquake happens?

Because Maoris are chasing a 10c coin

What coin is he featured on?

Incomplete question - does not say who 'he' is.

What animal is featured on the reverse of the Australian 10 cent coin?

The Superb Lyrebird is featured on the reverse of all Australian 10 cent coins from the first issue in 1966 to present. [It has an amazing ablity to mimic the sounds of other animals and even machinery.]

Why did people hear a lound rumble before the shaking began in christchurch earthquake?

Because Maoris are chacing a 10c coin

Which flower is featured on the Singapore one dollar coin?


What is on the back of a ten cent coin?

A torch signifying Liberty, with an olive branch on the left signifying Peace, and an oak branch on the right, signifying Strength and Independence. Given that this question is in the "Australian birds" category, it is assumed that the question refers to an Australian 10c coin. On the back of the 10c coin is the unique Australian bird known as the Superb Lyrebird. It is known for its amazing ability to mimic a huge variety of sounds.