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i have heard that crocodiles, alligators, and hippos never get sick. Also sharks rarely get sick

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What is the animal that never gets sick?

hippoANS 2 -I really don't believe there is an animal that never gets sick.

What animal never get's sick?

a tortoise

What animal never gets sick?

the hippo

What sea animal never gets sick?

Sharks very rarely get sick, but rarely isn't the same as never.

What is the animal that never gats sick?

a Hippo because it carries it's own disease's

Why do zoologist kill animal when they are sick?

zoologist kill animal when they sick because they suffered less

An animal that never get sick?

Any living creature can have something go wrong. Any organ that functions can malfunction or fail.

What was Mother Teresa's favorite animal?

She never had one. She was only dedicated to children, the poor, the ill / sick / disabled, and the elderly.

Where do rabies from from?

It comes from animals saliva if they are sick you will get rabies and get sick from the rabies if you get bit by a rabid animal a rabid animal is a animal that is infected with rabies.

How do you spot a sick animal?

If it either bleeds from the vagina or the head it is sick.

How do you get gems quicker on Animal Jam?

If they have sick or germs,and if they will get germs we have a sick

If you eat an animal that has a disease will you catch it or just get sick?

Depends on the disease. Every disease has its own identity. Some diseases will make the animal sick, some will make you sick, some will make both you sick, some will effect neither, some will effect only one, some will effect you and the animal differently. Generally speaking, don't eat a sick animal because you will probably get sick or die too

What animal never get sick?

I saw on the Discovery Chanale that gaters and crocs never get sick.The adapted a gene over the millions of years the were on Earth that makes them emune to almost all sicknesses.

How do you know if the raccoon is sick?

If the animal is acting abnormally, avoid it. If it is drooling from the mouth it may have rabies or distemper. If it is making unusual noises, it may be sick. If it is stumbling and having problems walking, it may be ill. NEVER approach any wild animal, especially if it is not acting normal.

Why Wolves don't get sick if they eat a sick animal?

a neutralizing chemical in their stomach

How do you determine if the animal is sick if the animal has a virus disease?

it has a dry nose

You never feel sick in the morning What is wrong with you?

Nothing at all is wrong with you. Most people are never sick in the morning.

Which animal never die?

turritopsis is the animal that never die.

Why was Apollo never ill?

====== ====== He was a god! Gods never get sick!

Is safe to feed dogs a sick animal?


Does panda express use panda meat?

no because if the animal is an endangered species why would they kill them to make food. but then again you never know, Man here are sick and kills things people,animals, babies for their own SICK purposes, im a vegitarian and i revolt against animal killers!! but they probaly do!

Do you as a animal trainer have to be a animal caretaker?

Yes, because if the animal has no caretaker than it will get sick or worse... Die!

Get sick from tooth pull?

I have never heard of this before in my life. Did you get sick from it, or where did you hear this?

Can you get sick from latex paint?

I've worked with it for years and never got sick.

Can you sick from cauliflower?

I eat it often, raw and cooked, and have never been sick.

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