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the word is leagues

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Q: What is the answer for completing the sentence in the Cordelia quest?
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How do you get to Britain on your tum tum on Cordelia quest on secret builders?

where is britian in secret builders

How many Quest Points is Shield of Arrav?

for completing the quest you get 1 quest point

On the Cordelia quest on secretbuilders what do you use for rope to get the king out of the well?

there is a rope near the vine onn the tree

Cordelia quest on secret builders what do you use for rope to get the king out of the well?

It is one of the vines but im not sure what one?

How do you get a flying boat on dragon quest nine?

there isn't a flying boat, but you can obtain a ship after completing the Bloomingdale story and the starflight express after completing a post-game quest

Where can you buy the dragon bane gun in adventure quest worlds?

you can purchase it after completing the dragonbane quest.

How do you get mortamor's map on dragon quest 9?

The reward for completing quest 158 is the Mortamor map.

How many quest points do you get for completing ernest the chicken on runescape?

For completing Ernest the Chicken, you get 4 Quest Points, 3000 gold pieces, 10 eggs and 300 feathers.

Where can one go to get help in completing a Runescape quest?

There are many websites where one can get advice on completing a Runescape quest. The Runescape website itself offers advice as does the website Tip.It.

How many quests point do you get from prince ali rescue quest in runescape?

You will receive 3 Quest Points + 700Gp for completing this quest.

How do you turn in a quest infinite times AQWorlds?

you turn in a quest by completing the task and then going back to whoever gave the quest to you o_o

Where do you get the rope from on the cordelia quest on secret builders?

you go down the right (which is mine, I'm a right hander) then find the vain.