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I am guessing you want to know how many decimeters are iin 6 meters. There are 10 decimeters to a meter, so the answer would be 60, if I interpreted the question correctly.

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How many m in dm?

6m equals to 6000,000dm.

How many meters equal to 60dm?

By unit of length and distance and conversion ,we can say that 1 m =10 dm 60 dm= 6m

Is 56cm more than 6m?

No, 56cm is not more than 6m because 56cm < 6m. Notes: 1. Clarify the question "Is 56cm or than 6m?" to "Is 56cm more than 6m?" 2. Convert 56cm to meters (56 * 1/100 = .56m 3. Compare .56m to 6m: .56m < 6m 4. Answer the question: "No, 56cm is not more than 6m." ====== Answer 1: No. 6m= 600cm so 6m is greater than 56cm

Which is larger 600 dm or 6m?

There are 10 decimetres in one metre. Therefore, 6 metres is equal to 6 x 10 = 60 decimetres. This is one tenth of the size of 600 decimetres.

12m plus 3n-6m plus 7n?

12m + 3n - 6m + 7n6m + 10n

What is -8 plus 5m-6m?

-8 + (5m - 6m) = -8 + (-m) = -8 - m

Which is greater 63cm or 6m?

Actually 6m is greater than 63cm :P

Is 63cm 6m?

No... 63cm = 0.63m, or 6m = 600 cm

Which is greater 56cm or 6m?

6m is greater than 56cm

What is 8m plus 4n-6m plus 9n?

8m + (4n - 6m) + 9n =8m + 4n - 6m + 9n =(8m - 6m) + (4n + 9n) =2m + 13n

Use the net to find the lateral area of the prism 3m 6m 3m 6m 15m?

use the net to find the lateral area of the prism 3m 6m 3m 6m 15m

Which is larger 12 dm or 1 m?

12 dm.12 dm.12 dm.12 dm.

What is the size of the Paramecium?

Their size ranges from 35x10-6m to 500x10-6m.

Is 63cm bigger than 6m?

No, 63cm is smaller than 6m.

Is 6m greater than 24?

No, 6m is smaller than 24m.

What is the answer to 15m plus 2n-6m plus 11m equals?

15m + (2n-6m) + 11m = = 15m + 11m + 2n - 6m = 26m - 6m + 2n = 20m + 2n = 2(10m + n)

What is -6m-8 equals 24?

-6m-8=24 -6m=32 m=5.3333... The solution to this algebraic equation is m=5 and 1/3 (m equals five and one third).

Is tussin dm the same as robitussin-dm?

is Robitussin and tussin dm the same thing

1M 60dm plus 30 dm equals?

Since 1 m = 10 dm, then 1 m 60 dm + 30 dm = 70 dm + 30 dm = 100 dm = 10m or 1 m 60 dm + 30 dm = 1m 90dm = 10 m.

Which one bigger 50 dm or 30 m?

dm = decameter 1 dm = 10 m answer: 50 dm

What is 9m x 6m squared?

(9mX6m)2 2916m2 9mX(6m)2 324m3

How do you subtract 6m-12cm?

6m - 12 cm= 600cm - 12cm= 588cm (or 5.88m)

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