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Q: What is the answer to the cryptoquip in the San Antonio Express News on 103115?
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What is the answer to the cryptoquip in the San Antonio Express News on 12-13-2015?

Helmsman the buzz ruff like equal

When was San Antonio Express-News created?

San Antonio Express-News was created in 1865.

What is the major newspaper in San Antonio?

San Antonio Express-News

2008 recipes from San Antonio Express News?


What are the newspapers of San Antonio Texas?

the San Antonio Express News, and La Prensa (spanish)

What does San Antonio Express News provide?

The San Antonio Express News provides an outlet for local happenings within the city limits of San Antonio Texas. The news paper also provides space where a person can list things for sale. The space is called the classifieds.

11 What year was the San Antonio Express News founded?


Name of major newspaper in san Antonio Texas?

The San Antonio Express News. (their website is

What are the names of the San Antonio TX newpapers?

One of them is The Express News and an online newspaper is The San Anonio Lightning which use to be San Antonio's main newspaper.

What year was the san antonio express news founded?

In 1865 as a weekly tabloid and it became a daily iin December 1866.

What is the name of the local newspaper in San Antonio that has job information?

The San Antonio Express News is the local newspaper that would hold the listings of jobs. It is worth checking this regularly online and in hard copy form.

What is the answer to the jumble puzzle in San Antonio Express news November 1 2008?

Lots of people make them at a ball game. Answer: CROWDS (awful, dogma, frozen, cousin)