What is the answer to the riddle I am what you cannot be But you once were what I will become I am what only blind can see And of infinity and 1 I am the sum I am the cure and I am the cancer?

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the answer is death.
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Can cancer be cured?

There is no solitary cure for cancer, as cancer is not asingle disease entity but rather hundreds of different diseaseprocesses. Some cancers are very readily curable, whereas othersare rarely curable.

Is there a cure for blindness?

Depends on the condition. Some types can be fixed by surgery, or can fix themselves over time

Why do you see a full moon only once a month?

Reason For One Full Moon A Month . The phase of the moon (new, half, full, etc) is a function of how much of its lit surface we can see from the earth. Half the moon is always sunlit, half is dark, but as the moon orbits the earth, more or less of the lit face is pointed towards us here on earth. ( Full Answer )

Why is there no cure for cancer?

The simplest answer to your question is that cancer is not a single disease. The term cancer actually references many different diseases that differ greatly in their origins as well as their underlying biology. Many researchers believe there is a cure for each one of those diseases. Researchers ( Full Answer )

Can blindness be cured?

\nYes, and no. It depends on the cause of the blindness. If blindness is caused be a deterioration of the optic nerve for example it is irreversable. If it is caused by a cloud on the lens that can be fixed by inserting a synthetic lens in the eye.

What cancer can be cured?

There is no cure for cancer. There are treatments such asmedication, radiation, and chemotherapy that may send it intoremission.

How do you cure blindness?

Depends on what's causing it, and how bad the damage is. Some kindscan be treated, others are permanent.

Which colors a color blind cannot see?

There is red-green color blindness and blue-yellow color blindness. I am thinking that Christmas is confusing for a person who cannot see red and green.

How can a 13 yr old boy become friends with the same age girl if he only sees her once a day for like and hour but that's in class?

just start the conversations small like saying hi each day and make sure you know her name and she knows yours. then if there are any projects that you can work on with her, offer to help/be parnters and if you see her outside of that class make sure you say atleast hi to her even if its in fron ( Full Answer )

How do you cure cancer?

There are cures for some kinds of cancer. (Some of them are listed below). Unfortunately, most kinds of cancer have no known cure. Cancer is a category of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth (division beyond the normal limits). There is no known way to normalize ( Full Answer )

Why do you only see 1 side of the moon?

the moon rotates on its axis once a month (28 days) The moon revolves around the earth every 28 days The moon is tidally locked with the earth which means that we always see the same side of the moon. It is true that the moon rotates around the earth but it does not spin on its axis.

How is blindness cured?

blindness is cured ok say if u have glasses and u cant really see things from far away u can.... every morning get up wash ur eyes wash yourself then get a bowl put milk in it and cut two cucumbers put them in there an dip the cucumbers in the milk and let them rest them on your eyes trust me I did ( Full Answer )

How do you get a guy who you only see once a week to like you?

Okay, i have actually gone through this. There is an underclassman girl that I am interested in; i see her only at the 1st and 5th period class change. I have still not talked to her, or even showed interest. If you havent talked to this person, a good smile or something of that nature will definite ( Full Answer )

How do you get a guy you only see once a week to like you?

well, the only way to get him to like you is to flirt like mad and the fact that you are only seeing him once a week it will be a long period so start of by.. 1) fluttering eye lashes looks that you see in the movies and remember, you can create moments easily! 2) touching his arms whilst talkin ( Full Answer )

What cancers cannot be cured?

Currently NO known cancer can be 100% cured I believe all cancers can be cured! According to Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg(Nobel Prize Winner 1931), cancer cells change from being 'Aerobic'( oxygen-fueled ) to become 'Anaerobic'( non oxygen-fueled ), actually sugar-fueled! As oxygen can no longe ( Full Answer )

Where can you see Pretty cure season 1 episode 5?

Ok! Here we go i know this question as I'm super smart and in top at school so what i say is if you have sky television you can watch ALL the pretty cure episodes for free or you can log on to www.popgirl.co.UK and it should come up with watch shows so you click on that. Then there should be a list ( Full Answer )

But love is blind and lovers cannot see?

I believe the saying means that love makes you blind to the imperfections of your loved one. Not in a literal manner, it pertains to how the imperfections of whom one loves means nothing when in comparison to the one who that person loves--unconditional love.

What is the answer to the riddle 'I am what you cannot be But you once were what I will become I am what only blind can see And of infinity and 1 I am the sum I am the cure and I am the cancer'?

The answer is nothing because you cant be nothing, you were nothing before you were born and will be when you die, the blind see nothing... and so on. :) After hours of trying to figure this out... A thought . I am what you cannot be but you once were what I will become. We cannot be an id ( Full Answer )

I am what you cannot be but you once were what i will become i am what only blind can see and of infinity and 1 i am the sum i am the cure and i am the cancer?

After hours of trying to figure this out... A thought . I am what you cannot be but you once were what I will become. We cannot be an idea, but we were once an idea from our parents. We are now trying to think of the answer, therefore a thought. I am what only blind can see and of infini ( Full Answer )

When your in a car and approaching a blind curve to warn others that cannot see you coming what do you do?

Here are the answers to my quiz from defensive driving. I got all of them correct. Hope it helps all of you guys. You have answered 10 question(s) correctly. Congratulations! You have achieved a passing score on this quiz. Please click the "Continue" button to proceed to the next unit. Not ( Full Answer )

My boyfriend only sees me once a month?

Maybe he's busy with working all time but this depends on what kind of job he has.if he's a truckdriver u pro get the chance to see him twice of a mth.but if u want your relationship to work try txtn ,email, voxer, or try to make more time for each communication is the key.

When is cancer cured?

WE Dont know yet but the only way now to stop it or try to remove it is when you get it physically and painfully and surgically removed by doctors!

What is the meaning of but love is blind and lovers cannot see what pretty follies they themselves commit?

It's said by Jessica in Merchant of Venice as she is eloping with Lorenzo. She has disguised herself as a boy (Why? Because every other girl in sight was doing it) and is lowering her father's money and herself out of a window. Possibly thinking about this undignified posture, she says: Here, catc ( Full Answer )

How do i ask a girl out who i only see once a week?

More Information - We are both Christians, we meet on saturdays at a Music Centre, but it finishes for the summer next week. She's 14, almost 15 and I'm 16 I like her a lot, but I'm not sure about her, she seems interested-ish. I don't have her number. I've known her for about a year and ( Full Answer )

Math triangle sums stumper all sides equal 17 using numbers 1 - 9 only once each?

hree sides x 17 = 51. The sum of the numbers 1 to 9 = 45. So we need an extra '6' to make 45 up to 51. The numbers at the corners of a triangle are counted twice. So we need three numbers at the corners which total 6, because they will be counted twice. The only three numbers which total six ar ( Full Answer )

Is marijuana the only cure to cancer?

Marijuana has show to halt some cancer cells and most recently used fro brain cancer. It isn't the best way as it is only really used to increase appetite and cure nausea.

Why do you see the full moon only once a month?

The moon takes one month to complete a revolution around the earth. A full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun (opposition). The full moon can only happen at this part of the lunar orbit, and it takes one month to complete the orbit; thus, full moon happens on ( Full Answer )

Why a blind man cannot see?

Because the nerves that send the image your eye sees is either damaged or simply not connected

Why can you only see a meteor only once?

Because it flies through the sky and burns up and either getsdestroyed or lands on Earth. The next time you see a meteor it is acompletely different one.

Where can you get a cure for cancer?

Modern medicine can cure more than half of all cancers. For breast cancer , the success rate is close to three quarters (75%). For Hodgkin's lymphoma, it is over 80%. Therefore, you can hopefully get a cure for your cancer at your local hospital, oncologist's office or cancer treatment center.

Can sums all rows equal 17 using 1-9 only once?

If you are thinking of a mgic square, the answer is NO. The nine numbers sum to 45 so if you have three rows with equal sums, that sum can only be 45/3 = 15. You can have two rows, each adding to 17, and using the digits only once, but you will not use all digits.

Can sums all rows equal 9 using 0 - 8 only once?

There are 9 numbers. Assuming the question refers to a 3x3 "magic" square, the answer is no. The sum of all nine numbers is 36 so each of the 3 rows must sum to 12.

What is the cure to cancer?

Although there have been people who have claimed to have developed cures for cancer, the general consensus amongst the medical community is that there are none.

Can a person become addicted to cocaine after using it only once?

That really depends on the metabolism and the body of the person,since there are people that can take drugs and never becomeaddicted, and there are ones that with the smallest particleinhaled can make them addicts. There is really no way to tell you,so don't take the risk; you are better off without ( Full Answer )

Why can you only see Halley's comet once a year?

You cannot see Halley's Comet once a year. It was last seen in 1986 and won't be seen again until 2061. There is typically a 75 to 76 year gap between when it is seen from Earth. During this time it is orbiting the Solar System and so at this point it is too far away to be seen from Earth. When it c ( Full Answer )