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it is when you are not sure

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Q: What is the antonym for millennium?
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What is the antonym for the word millennium?

Non-millennium is an antonym for millennium.

Antonyms of millennium?

There is no antonym of Millennium.

What is the antonym for century?

There is no antonym for century. The closest I could come would be a second. A century is a long time (by normal human standards) and a second is a short time. But then, a millisecond is even shorter than a second, and a millennium is even longer than a century, so we do not really have exact opposites here.

What are the names of the seven millennium items in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Millenium puzzle millennium key millennium rod millennium necklace millennium eye millennium scales millennium ring

What are the 7 millennium items?

millennium puzzle/pendant yugi the millennium eye pegasus the millennium ring bakura the millennium scale shadi the millennium key shadi the millennium touqe/necklace ishisu the millennium rod marik

What is the antonym for doomsday?

The Apocalypse (revelation) is the last book in the Bible, and therefore its antonym is Genesis, which is the first book. The word apocalypse means "un-hidden, hence revealed," for which the antonym is mystery, which means " kept secret, not spoken." It depends on which type of apocalypse you are talking about, but if it is the one meaning "catastrophe," then some antonyms for it would be "benefit, blessing, favor, miracle, wonder, success."

A period of 1000 years is called what?

A millennium

What millennium is this?

2nd millennium

What in a millennium pool made of?


What is antonym of the word synonym?

The antonym of the word 'synonym' is 'antonym'.

What is a millennium baby?

A millennium baby refers to someone who was born in the year 2000 or later, marking the beginning of a new millennium.

How many years in a millennium?

There are 1,000 years in a millennium.1000 years is called as a millennium.