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The area of Madagascar is about 587,041 square kilometers or 226,658 square miles.

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How big is the island Madagascar?

Madagascar is 226,597 sq miles in area.

What is the square mile area of Madagascar?

Madagascar - 226,597 square miles.

Is Madagascar an area of land with water all round it?

Yes, Madagascar is an island.

What area of country is Madagascar?


How you would use the scale in miles to estimate total area of Madagascar?

how you would use the scale in miles to estimate to total area of Madagascar

What area is Madagascar in?

Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa

What is the surface area of Madagascar?

Madagascar's surface area: 587040 sq km

How much surface area is on madagascar?

2 feet

Where do Madagascar bugs live?


How many times will Madagascar fit into Australia?

The area of Madagascar is 587 040 sq km. The area of the Australian mainland, without the state of Tasmania, is 7 659 861 sq km. Therefore, Madagascar will fit into Australia 13 times.

Is Madagascar a rainforest?

No, It's a Island with a lage area of rainforest

How many square km is there in Madagascar?

The island country of Madagascar, the 45th largest country in the world, has a total area of 587,041 km2

Which is the smallest Greenland borneo Madagascar or new guinea?

In terms of land area, Madagascar is the smallest, with an area of 228,900 miles. In terms of population, Greenland is by far the smallest, with a population of only 56,840.

Is Madagascar a rural or urban area?

rural rural rural rural

How big is Madagascar compared to the world?

About 6% of the US's total area.

How big is Madagascar compared to us?

About 6% of the US's total area.

What is the land area of Madagascar?

Madagascar's land area is 581,540 sq km (224,533 square miles)

How big is Madagascar?

Madagascar has an area of 587,040 square kilometers. This includes 5,500 square kilometers of water. The land alone is 581,540 sq km.

What area was not an area of Jewish settlement?

Madagascar, Borneo, and Pitcairn Island were never centers of substantial Jewish settlement.

Is Madagascar over populated or under populated?

Madagascar is considered to be an over populated country. This is due to the density of it's population. There are too many people in such a small area.

How many acres long is Madagascar?

1. Acre is a non-SI unit of surface ! For length the unit is metre (and multiples). For area the unit is the square metre and the multiples. 2. The area of Madagascar is 587 041 km2. 3. And if you like acres this area is probable 1,450608.108 acres.

What is the area of the largest island in Africa?

the largest island in Africa is Madagascar and its area is 228,880 sq. km. (124,264 sq. mi)

How many miles wide is Madagascar?

The island of Madagascar is approximately 250 miles wide. It is 1,000 miles long. The country covers an area of approximately 227,800 square miles.

Were do Nile crocodiles live?

In/near the nile river area, mostly in Africa but also in Madagascar.

What plants are found in the Madagascar Rainforest?

There's the Madagascar palm, Madagascar orchid, and the Madagascar dragon tree.

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