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make sure that they know what is safe to use and how to use it. :D Make sure that they know what is safe to use and how to use it.

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What gcses are need to become a beautician?

Beauty is one of the main subject, to become a beautician. You need 5 GCSE's A*-C in Maths, English and Science. Good Luck :)

What gcses do you need to become a beautician?

You need at least 4 A-Cs and science is useful

Can a beautician be a manicurist or is there separate license?

there is a manicurist license but, a beautician has been trained in all area of the beauty field so they can perform as a manicurist.

What experience is needed for a beautician?

A beautician coarse is required for beautician.

How do you spell beautician?

That is the correct spelling of beautician.

Do you need A levels to become a beautician?


What is a sentence for the word beautician?

The beautician recommended the expensive cream. They went to the beautician to get their makeup done.

What is a sentence with the word beautician?

The beautician did a really good job of cutting my hair. My friend recommended the beautician that is in the mall.

How much does a beautician make a hour?

how much does a beautician make

What qualification do you need to be a beautician?

what gcses do I need to take to become a beautician

How do you use the word beautician in a sentence?

The beautician was killed while cutting the singer's hair. The city requires every beautician to have an occupational license.

What was Thomas Edison's area of science?

his area of science was geography

How much does a beautician make a week?

A beautician makes 300 dollars a week

How many syllables in beautician?

There are three syllables in beautician. beau-ti-cian

How much does a mortuary beautician get paid per client?

$25 per client depending on what area of the country you live in.

Who would earn more money a nursery school teacher or a hairdresser and beautician?

a beautician

Can you get a job as being a beautician if you are 13?

no you have to be 18 or older to even think about going to school to be a beautician.

How many years of study are involved in becoming an beautician?

How many years will i have to study becoming a beautician?

What is the name of the movie called the beautician and the beast?

You've answered your own question. "The Beautician and the Beast".

What is an area of study in science?

science lab

What are the duties of a beautician?

The duties of a beautician is a technology that discuss everything about the duties of a beautician. the beautician is and personal appearance workers held about 825,000 jobs in 2006. the barbers and cosmetologists held 677000 jobs, manicurists and pedicurists 78,000, skin care specialists 38,000, and shampooers

What is the difference between a Cosmetologist and a Beautician?

Beautician is hair/makeup/facials Cosmetologist is hair/facials/waxing/manicure/pedicureSource:

How much does a beautician in San Francisco make?

The average salary for beautician jobs in San Francisco is $41,000.

How much would a beautician make a year?

On average a beautician gets paid 12400 a year. its for 2008.

How many years you have in collage to be a beautition?

College is not necessary for a beautician. You go to beautician school for about six months.

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