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After thinking about this some more, I've come to the conclusion that the aspect ratio of human eyesight is probably 1.75:1. I do know that, if measured, the ratio of one of our eyes would probably be at 1.1666...:1 (1.17:1 if rounded out), but I also experimented with my eyes and found an interesting thing about them. Our left eye sees 25% more detail on the left and our right eye sees 25% more detail on the right. Here's the experiment. Close one of your eyes and look at the details for a moment. Now close that eye and look through the other. If you pay careful attention, you'll notice thathalf of the image that you saw from the other eye is now gone. Now let's think about it. If our eyes see 25% more detail from each side, then that means we see at a 50% wider ratio than one eye alone. So, if you do the math, divide1.1666... by 2 and then add the quotientand 1.1666...,the aspect ratio should be 1.75:1, or close to it in some way. Now I don't know if I'm right, so just like the other guy, if anyone has a better answer than this, please post it. But for now, I think it's fair to say this is the best answer until further notice.

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