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NC requires 30,000 bodily injury per person/60,000 bodily injury each accident/25,000 property damage per accident.

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Q: What is the auto insurance coverage limit in North Carolina?
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You are being demanded for the limit of your coverage auto insurance?

Your insurance agent should be handling this.

What is the statute of limitation for insurance fraud for North Carolina?

North Carolina's statute of limitations are very basic and simple. Insurance Fraud could be a felony. If the crime is a felony of any type there is no limit. Malicious misdemeanors have not limit either. Other misdemeanors are set at 2 years.

What is the timely filing limit for North Carolina medicaid?

Timely file limits for north carolina medicaid

You have liability insurance but no collision coverage and your car was hit by another driver will their insurance cover your damages?

Yes, if they accept liability and they will pay up to the limit of property damage coverage.

How old can a car be and full coverage insurance?

There is no age limit although the value of the car may not justify the cost of full coverage.

Age limit for elderly life insurance?

The age limit for elderly life insurance will depend on the life insurance carrier with whom you are applying for coverage. Individual carriers establish this limit as a matter of company policy. Some carriers will not issue beyond 75, some 80. There are many carriers that will offer coverage up to age 90.

Is there a statute of limitations for assault in North Carolina?

It will depend on if it is charged as a felony or not. North Carolina does not have a limit on felonies of any type.

How much is the fine for going 18 mph over the speed limit in North Carolina?

The problem is not the fine but the resulting suspension and mandatory insurance rate increase. In North Carolina a speed of 15+ over the limit is an automatic suspension. In order to avoid points and the insurance increase you need to negotiate it down to an under 10mph ticket or take your Prayer for Judgement. lwpat

What are some of the limit for car insurance in Georgia?

Everyone must have liability coverage of at least twenty five thousand dollars. Collision coverage is optional. You have to have bodily coverage as well.

Bag limit of deer in North Carolina?

5 deer

Is there any limit for accident benefit in life insurance?

In life insurance policy, you can have accidental coverage equal to the sum insured amount, by paying extra premia. By this way, you can avail accidental coverage policy in a life insurance policy.

Will a speeding ticket in Oregon be reported to North Carolina?

Yes Oregon will report the ticket to North Carolina and if the ticket is 15 mph or more over the speed limit North Carolina will suspend your North Carolina drivers license.

How much does a speeding cost in North Carolina for doing 90 in a 65?

A North Carolina speeding ticket for more than 15mph over the speed limit will result in a suspension of our North Carolina license and a huge increase in your North Carolina auto insurance. It is a mandatory court appearance so you either have to show for court or retain an attorney to appear on your behalf. At this speed I strongly recommend that you retain a North Carolina traffic attorney and let him negotiate a reduction.

When does auto insurance cover the cost of a lawsuit?

If you are sued in relation to an auto accident, the insurance company will pay for your defense as well as the damages up to the limit of your coverage. The defense costs are in addition to your damage limit.

What is the age limit for high school football in North Carolina?


Will homeowner's insurance normally cover a property damage claim which exceeds the liability coverage limit from a car accident?


How much money do you get if you get hit by a car?

this depends on your insurance coverage and other driver's insurance coverage.. some people have $15,000 limit to cover medical expense, and collison.. and some are higher.. asian623

Is cash covered in a home owners policy?

Home Insurance and Lost CashMost Homeowners Insurance policies automatically exclude coverage for loss of cash, stocks, bonds, fine jewelry and furs unless they itemized and scheduled for coverage under your policy prior to a loss. Some home insurance policies do include a limited amount of coverage for cash, but the limit may be increased for an additional cost.The limit of coverage varies, but you can expect it to be only several hundred dollars.

What is the legal alcohol limit while driving a boat in North Carolina?


Will insurance cover your car repair if you were the one who hit the uninsured person and you have coverage?

if you have full coverage insurance, yes it will cover you and other driver, depending on the limit of your collison coverage you have. if damage exceeds your coverage, then you have pay out of your own pocket to cover other driver's medical expense and damage. asian623

Does homeowners insurance cover personal items stored in a rented garage?

Yes. A homeowners policy provides the widest and most coverage for the money of any type of insurance there is. You have coverage for up to 10% of your coverage C limit off premises. This way you have coverage while in storage, on vacation, a child's property in their dormatory at college, etc.

If a driver in Georgia rents a moving truck with no rental insurance and damages anothers persons property will their progressive insurance cover the cost up to the personal property limit?

Yes, the rental co has to have insurance coverage even if you don't have one. Purchasing additional coverage from the rental co is NOT a term of the lease of the vehicle. The law requires all rental co to provide their own insurance coverage.

Are there any places in North Carolina that start with the letter A?

Well, if you limit yourself to counties, North Carolina has Alamance, Alexander, Alleghany, Anson, Ashe, and Avery counties.

What is wrongful death coverage on motorcycle insurance?

It is most likely a liability coverage if you should injure someone while riding your bike you would be covered to the limit of the policy. Ask your agent.

In North Carolina how much over the speed limit can you go and be arrested?

5 mph

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