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What is the average GPA of a homeschooler?


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As a graduate of a homeschool program (American School, which is accreditted regionally)I can say that it depends on the individual student, just as in public and private school. Your GPA is reflected by how much time, effort, thought, and meaning you put into your studies. In order to compare the GPA of homeschoolers with that of public and private school children you would need to compare the GPA of students putting the same time, effort, thought, and meaning into their studies.


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A GPA is a GRADE POINT AVERAGE it the average from all your classes.

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About a 3.0 GPA is average.

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There is no "average GPA" because your grade point average depends on where you are.

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No. A 3.0 GPA is a B average. So it is a good GPA

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