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2.0 GPA

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Q: What is the average GPA of entering freshman at California State University of Fullerton?
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What is the average SAT score of the entering freshman students at Yale University?


Is there an application deadline for University of California?

Yes, the University of California has a deadline in the fall for applicants wanting to attend any of the University of California schools the next year. In 2009 the application deadline was originally November 30 for freshman and transfer applicants for fall 2010.

How many freshman's apply each year at University of California San Francisco?

San Francisco State University in California receives close to 32,000 applications each year. Of these, 20,000 students are admitted.

What is Ohio state university's GPA requirement?

The average GPA of an entering freshman at The Ohio State University was approximately 3.6 with an average SAT score of 1203 and an ACT score of around 26-28.

What are the graduation requirements for California?

The California Education Code (EC) establishes minimum requirements for graduation from California high schools. These requirements should be seen as minimums and support regulations established by local school boards. The California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC) have established a uniform minimum set of courses required for freshman admission. The UC has created a Doorways site that provides complete information about the high school courses approved for university admission. In addition to the required courses, California public universities have other freshman admission requirements.

What are the freshman drms at elizabeth city state university?

University Tower-All Freshman Females Wamack-All Freshmen Males Viking Village-Freshman,Sophomore,Junior,Senior

In 2006 Kristin Cavallari was a freshman at what University?

Loyola Marymount University

What is the freshman population at duke university?


What is the minimum GPA for entering freshman college athletes at Notre Dame?


Is the probability that a freshman entering college will graduate an example of Empirical Probability?


Can you stay off campus on your freshman year at university of Arkansas?

Yes you must stay on campus in a dorm duing you freshman year at the university of Arkansas at fayitville.

What is the average freshman GPA for the university of phoenix?


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