What is the average age that a baby starts walking?

The average age would be somewhere around 12 months. But average for babies across the world has nothing to do with it. What matters is what is average for your baby.

You have babies that are pulling up as early as 5 months and walking as early as 7 months, or even earlier. You have babies that began pulling up earlier than you thought he or she would, but refuse to take that first real step until they are 14 months old.

Does your baby enjoy his or her independence or are very active, and did he or she begin scooting or crawling early? Chances are, your baby will start walking earlier than "average also." Or does your baby enjoy taking it easy, playing with toys that are in reach more than chasing after an out-of-reach toy, or content staying within one general area (not begging to be picked up and transported from one area to another much)? Your baby may not start walking until later because he or she is happy just where he or she is.

So it all just depends on the baby. Believe me, your baby will walk when he or she is ready to walk. Babies are naturally motivated to learn a new task.