What is the average capacity of a movie theater?

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"Average" is between 200-300 people. For example, some large cinemas will have 20 screens and a capacity of 6,000. Of that, some theaters will be bigger for the opening weekend blockbusters, some will be smaller theaters.
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How do you get a movie into theaters?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThere Is noway!you have to wait until the release date or just contactthe theatre or protest.But in real life there really is no way.

What is the average or typical cost to make a movie for commercial theaters?

It depends on the cast, the director, the advertising, the sets, and the length. There really is no "typical" cost since there are so many types of movies. But big Hollywood movies are usually in the tens of millions, and even over 100 million. Especially if it has big name actors and exotic locatio ( Full Answer )

Capacity of an average teapot?

The capacity of an average teapot is about 10 to 12 cups of liquid.This however does change based on the brand and size of the teapot.

What movie has been in theaters the longest?

In China the movie called Romance in Lushan oppened on July, 12, 1980 and has been shown in at least one theater with at least four different show times each day since then. Um, the Rocky Horror Picture show has been playing since 1975.

What to do in a movie theater?

you relax and enjoy the imaginations of others brought to you through use of a glamorous silver screen, and high tech sound

Average size of a theater?

Theaters are anywhere from 20 to 20,000 seats. That being said, theaverage theater is somewhere between 100 and 200 seats

What is the Average price of movie theater ticket in the US 2008?

whats the answer. Since 2008 is not yet finished an average price for the year is not yet available. According to the MPAA, the average price for a ticket in 2007 was $6.88. As the average ticket has been rising aproximately 20 to 30 cents a year for the past five years it seems safe to estimate 20 ( Full Answer )

What is an average bladder capacity?

400 to 600 ml. About 20 ounces on average. It is the same for both men and women, with some variation amongst individuals. ---- The correct answer is that the urinary bladder capacity averages 700-800 ml. It is smaller for females because the uterus occupies the space just superior to the urinar ( Full Answer )

What is the average female bladder capacity?

It is anywhere from 450 to 600 ml, or 20 ounces at most. It is the same for men and women, although there is some variation amongst individuals.

What is value of an average lung capacity?

hi my class got males got 4.9,4.7,3.7,4.6,5,3.4 these were litres our average was 4.4 girls got 3.6,2.7,2.3,3.2,3.7,3.0 there average was 3.1 we are aged between 15-16 hope this helped

How does a movie theater get a movie reel?

Print distribution is usually controlled by a delivery company that works in conjunction with the film distributors. Movie theaters receive a copy of a print broken down into reels each of about 20-30 minutes of footage. The reels are delivered to a theater in locked cans that hold 3-4 reels. The th ( Full Answer )

Average capacity of NFL stadium?

On average, the NFL stadiums can seat as high as 85,000 people.There are also some stadiums that only seat 50,000.

What movies are out in theaters?

The Taking of Pelham 123,up,Public Enemies,Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 3D,Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,Bruno,The Hangover,My Sister's Keeper,Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,I Love You, Beth Cooper,Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,The Proposal.And that is all I know that is playing.I h ( Full Answer )

What movies are in theaters?

Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader Little Fockers Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 True Grit Tron Legacy Gulliver's Travels Yogi Bear The Tourist Tangled Black Swan plus the independent films playing in only your area. Above listings are as of 29 Decemb ( Full Answer )

How do movie theaters get their movies?

The larger theater chains have central booking departments that work to secure the movies that will be shown in their theaters nationwide. Therefore, a head office based in, say, New York City, might be responsible for deciding which films will play in all of their locations across the country. Loca ( Full Answer )

What is the average capacity of Old Trafford?

Since the new law converting grounds to seating, it means that there is no longer an average ground capacity. Old Trafford now has the capacity to seat 76,212 people.

What is the average size of a theater room?

A theater room will vary depending on the size of a persons house.A theater room will have to be big enough to fit a big screen andsome chairs. You will want your theater room to be at least 30 x30.

What movies are in the movie theater?

Where do you live? Because you can go on the website for the cinema you want to go to, and that will give you all the movies playing .

What are the movies in the theater?

The movies showing in theater change every week. You need to go to a website like IMDB or Fandango to see what is currently playing. WiKi answers is meant more for permant answers to questions that need permanent facts and info and not answeres like that which change every few weeks.

What movie theater is the Great Escape in?

The classic 1963 Steve McQueen movie may play is some revival theatre but don't wait to see it. Rent it at Blockbusters or NetFlix and don't forget the popcorn!

What is the average capacity of a animal clinic?

The average capacity of an animal clinic is subject to many different factors and is unique to each clinic. The average capacity of an animal clinic cannot be determined without knowing the capacity of every animal clinic in the world and then calculating the mean.

What is the average length of a new movie shown in theaters?

Most movies shown in theatres in USA are in the two hour range,from ninety minutes to two-plus hours, depending on what thedirector believes is the necessary amount of screen time to servethe story adequately. Director's cuts are usually longer, and when films are shown ontelevision, they are always ( Full Answer )

Who are movie theaters?

do you mean what are the movie theatres? because the movie theatres are a place where you go to watch movies before they come out on dvd.

What is digital movie at movie theater?

they used to have films of movies and showed them. digital films are holigrams, holigraphs and DVDs * * * * * Digital movies have nothing to do with holograms or holographs. Old movies were recorded as a series of pictorial images. For digital movies, the same information is recorded but now e ( Full Answer )

What is the capacity an average bathtub?

Typical bathtubs in the US are 42 gallons. My tub (a standard tub by all appearances) is approximately 54" long by 24" wide by 8" deep to the bottom of the overflow. Ignoring the curved corners, that's about 10,368 cubic inches or 44.9 gallons. I could adjust the calculation taking into account that ( Full Answer )

What is an average cost of a home theater system?

A home theater system can range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Depending on the type and maker of the theater system, the price changes dramatically.

How much does the average theater seat cost?

"The average cost of a movie theater seat in the United States was $7.95 in 2010. However, theater seats to plays vary greatly due to several factors such as locations, actors and they play itself. For example, small time theaters may charge a small fee but world-renowned theaters such as those on B ( Full Answer )

What is the capacity of the average shot glass?

There are a few common shot glass sizes. The most common shot glass is known as a jigger. A jigger contains 1.5 ounces. Then there's a double shot. A double contains 3 ounces. Lastly, there's a pony shot. A pony shot contains 1 ounce.

Why are movies shown in movie theaters?

Movies are shown in theaters because on the big screen, and in front of an audience a movie becomes more than just something you watch, it becomes something you do. Reactions from the crowd influence your enjoyment of the movie, it becomes better than if you just watch it alone at home. The picture ( Full Answer )

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an average bath 170mm x 70mm, filled to the overflow can hold 180 litres, just over 39 gallons. However, as with most things, there will be differences