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The average auto insurance rate in the Michigan region is about $900-1200.

Average car insurance costs in MI are 1800 dollars a year.

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The average Michigan car insurance rate for liability only policies is about $2000

You can check what the average quot eis at

Detroit has the highest car insurance rates in the state of Michigan. On average, drivers pay 50% more for auto insurance in Detroit than in other Michigan cities.

That state is about average between the highest and lowest states. Check the info here

The average rate of car insurance in Brooklyn New York is $2500 per person.

What is the average rate for 1000.000 general liability insurance for a used car dealership transporter

The annual car insurance rate is around 600 dollars.

You can go to to search for car insurance in the Michigan region.

Ohio is the cheapest place to buy a new auto, when you factor in car insurance and taxes. The insurance rates to purchase a new car in Michigan average $2551 annually, versus Ohio with an average of $1200 annually

In 2007, the average Arizona household paid between $1700-$1,900 for car insurance.

Women should research and consider all the same car insurance companies that men do, such as Geico and Progressive. However, women pay less than men on average for car insurance due to a number of factors, such as a lower average accident rate and a lower average rate of being ticketed for speeding.

Contact an Insurance Agent for a rate quote. There is no such thing as an average cost of car insurance for a 17 year old or any other age male.

"Yes. In the same rate that a home insurance rate is different than a car insurance rate, caravan insurance rates are usually different than car insurance rates, because caravans are not cars."

With an average rate of just $902/year, Maine has the cheapest auto insurance rates.

There is no one rate for insurance. It is determined by age, driving record and the state in which the insurance is written in. You will however pay more on a luxury than a regular car.

You can go to to search for auto insurance in the Michigan region for free.

Of course the rating on the car itself will be quite high considering the cost to replace parts, it is a fast car etc. But there is no "average" cost on any insurance rate - unless you can give me an average driver age and zip code for a Lamborghini. What about how long have they been with the insurance company, maybe they have discounts built up.

Almost all the major car insurance companies offer car insurance quotes in Michigan. State Farm, Geico, American Family, Liberty Mutual and All State will offer car insurance quotes online for Michigan drivers. In addition, Michigan drivers can head to a car insurance website like and obtain a quote from all major companies at the same time and compare the options.

It goes up and then drops at age 25. is a good place

The info you need is here

The state of Michigan does require that all drivers have some car insurance. This includes either having liability or full policy coverage.

The average auto insurance premium cost in New Jersey is $2498 per year. Much higher then the national average of $1735 per year.

The average insurance expenditure is calculated by adding all auto insurance premium collected for liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage, and dividing by the number of insured cars for the year. The average auto insurance expenditure nationwide is $785.

The average car insurance rate across the United States is between 350-950 dollars. This is soley based on the average this was a poll taken in 2008 where rates of certain companies this is not a guarantee.

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