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Hypnotherapy costs between $50 to $100 per session.

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Q: What is the average cost for hypnotherapy?
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Hypnotherapy how much does it cost?

Yes, I can answer that question. My hypnotherapy practice in Grantham in Lincolnshire charges £50 for an hour`s session with General Hypnotherapy. You may wish to read more on the subject at: Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Dr. Michael G Millett

What schools offer hypnotherapy training?

Many schools offer hypnotherapy training. One of the leading schools in the field is the Hypnotherapy Training Institute, which prides itself as being one of the first of the original four licensed hypnotherapy schools.

What research has been done on hypnotherapy?

Research on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy on a variety of medical conditions is extensive.

Where can classes in hypnotherapy be taken?

Certifications in hypnotherapy can be achieved at a number of educational institutes as well as specialist hypnosis schools. Hypnotherapy. com offers many hypnosis certification courses.

Does hypnotherapy get its name from a Greek background?

Yes it does. Hypnotherapy comes from the greek word meaning sleep. Hypnotherapy is a great source of relaxation and calming, it is often very soothing. ************* Hypnotherapy= hypnos (=sleep in greek) + therapeea (= θεραπεία, the greek origin of the word therapy which means cure)

Is hypnotherapy approved by the APA?

Yes, hypnotherapy is approved by the APA. "In 1958, both the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association recognized hypnotherapy as a valid medical procedure. Since 1995, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has recommended hypnotherapy as a treatment for chronic pain."

What are the release dates for Oblivious - 2001 Smoking Hypnotherapy?

Oblivious - 2001 Smoking Hypnotherapy was released on: USA: July 2004

What is the cpt code for hypnotherapy?


How is hypnotherapy used for nonmedical patients?

Hypnotherapy is used for nonmedical patients as well as those who wish to overcome bad habits. Hypnotherapy has been shown to help those who suffer from performance anxiety, such as in sports, and speaking in public.

What is the formula to find the average variable cost?

Average Variable Cost = Total Variable Cost/ Quantity Average Cost = Average Fixed Cost + Average Variable Cost Average Cost = Total Cost/Quantity

hypnotherapy school in santa cruz?

Try the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy ( It's about an hour's drive away.

Where is the best place to go for hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a "certified" profession, rather than a "licensed" profession, so it is not regulated by most states. Some psychologists practice hypnotherapy, and those that don't might be able to direct you to a respected practitioner.

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