What is the average cost in renters insurance in Wisconsin?

A typical renter's insurance policy in WI can be expected to be between $100 and $200 per year. From there, the exact cost will depend on a multitude of variables, such as the total size of the policy, the policy deductible, and the apartment's address (the crime rate of the area will also be a factor; identical policies will cost more in areas with a higher crime rate.

You most likely will be able to save money on your policies by bundling the policies---which simply means going through the same agent/insurance company for multiple policies like your car insurance .

Currently I also save a significant amount of money for my renter's insurance policy... By having my parent's go through the same agent/company they currently have for their homeowner's insurance, their two vehicle's policies, and two motorcycle policies. The policy is under my name and my address. As far as billing, my policy is technically under my parent's billing statement so I pay my parents for the cost of my policy and they pay the insurance company.

[Disclaimer: Our insurance agent knows of this---it was actually him, our agent, who had originally suggested putting my policy under their account because the bundle discount it be cheaper. Our agent knows this and even suggested we do it, so we're violating there are no legal or ethical guidelines. I recommend you this site where you can compare quotes from different companies: insureinfo.us