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What is the average cost of small business insurance?


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There is no actual "average" cost for small business insurance. The cost is dependent on your business's income, and therefore cannot be calculated without more information.


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what is the average cost of insurance for a small business in Washington, D.C.?

Small business owners can look for comparisons of the cost of business insurance from different providers in a few ways. One is to contact an insurance broker who specializes in business insurance.

Find an insurance agent and insurance quotes in Florida at GONIQ. See the related link for further information.

1000 is the cost for bookkeeping for small business

There is no average cost of insurance. Or there may be but there are far too many variables to consider to give you one. What is the average payroll of a small software company in India. Go talk to an insurance agent with some idea of what you want to do and they will help you in some meaningful way.

What is the average cost of electricity per month for a small business?

Most insurance companies will insure small business but the cost of the insurance may be high for a small business to absorb. Medical coverage is available for a price.

The average cost of utilities on a small business will depend on the actual size of the business. In some cases, utilities will be very cheap. In other cases, it can cost hundreds of dollars a month.

There really is no average cost of insurance. The price will vary widely depending on what you are doing. If you make firework you have a higher risk than if you make flower pots. The cost for insurance can vary even within an industry depending on how well you work to prevent losses and reduce the risks.

Liability insurance may cost as little as $500 per year, but it all depends on the type and size of your business. Check with a local agents to obtain at least three quotations and make sure you are getting the best deal.

Obviously it depends on the type of business but for construction sub-contractors it should be 21.6% for a small business.

i was quoted 1100 per year in southern california

The cost of insurance for a small business depends on a lot of factors, but can be as little as $500 per year. Some of the factors include the type and size of the business, location, amount of coverage, experience, loss history, to name a few. I recommend contacting at least three different insurance agents to compare quotes.

Some options that are available to small businesses in order to lower their insurance include wellness programs that will boost awareness of employees.

Canno't really say. Depending on what business it is, how much insurance you have to pay, how much are your suppliers selling you their products.

The rate is based on the type of business you have and the gross receipts or payroll.

The cost for your companies health insurance will depend on many factors,including the number of employees and there ages.

The average cost of car insurance in the world is difficult to find due to inflation and currency exchange. However the average cost of car insurance in 2010 in the USA was $791 and in 2012 the average cost of car insurance in the United Kingdom hit 971 euros.

$200-250 per month,Small business

The cost of a business car insurance varies on the number of factors that include location of business, type of business and number of employees. It's best to discuss this with an insurance agent who can quote you the appropriate prices.

It costs a small business to give benefits to employees a lot of money. The specific amount will depend on the benefits they provide and the insurance company you choose.

The average monthly cost of home owner's insurance is aproximately $250,000 a month.

The average monthly cost for DHMO dental insurance is $14.19 a month. The average monthly cost for DPPO dental insurance is $43.64 a month. You can expect to pay around $1 per day for dental insurance.

The cost of bonding insurance depends on the amount of insurance you would like to purchase for your business. You can usually get a policy for a couple hundred dollars.

What is an good average landlord insurance cost near or in Ohio

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