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Painting your kitchen cabinet is a fairly easy and cost effective process. If you're asking on how much it costs then you'd better do it yourself.

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How can you repair water marks on natural maple kitchen cabinets?

you can't. sand entire door down and restain to a darker color to help hide the watermark. or just tell people it adds character to the cabinet

Is it better to resurface the kitchen cabinets or replace them when updating a house?

It is definitely better to resurface the kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. Remove them, sand them down and restain them. You can also trying painting them. All this will save money over new!

How hard is it to restain my hardwood floor?

It can be hard to restain a floor, but once you've done it the first time it'll be very easy each time thereafter.

porch repair?

form_title=porch repair form_header=8913 What work is required? (Choose all that apply)*= [] Sand and apply new sealing [] Sand and restain [] Sand and repaint [] Repair/replace damaged parts [] Add extra pieces/options [] Add/repair electrical or cable [] Other

Do you need to re stain teak wood when it is bleached out?

Yes You Would Have To Restain It every year or so if it is bleached out if you just got it you should what tell you restain it for a couple of months

Can you re stain wood?

Yes you can clean the timber as well as possible an restain it.

What is an order issued by a court to compel or restrain the performance of an act?

restain order

Dog urine stains out of wooden floors?

You will need to sand the spots and then restain.

Can you darken previously stain wooden floors?

You can restain wood with a darker color stain

How do you get out dog pee stains from an oak floor?

First you will need to sand the floor and then restain it.

How do you remove polyurethane from a stain door without removing the stain?

You don't. You will most likely have to restain after stripping.

How can you restain an acid washed concrete floor that has been sealed?

Probably wont take color evenly, will not look right

How do you clean and stain a mahogony wood deck?

Cabot makes a variety of products to strip, clean and restain your deck. Chech out their website.

Do you have to be taken to court to file a restraining order?

only if your trying to restain your mom.sometimes moms can get out of control!i mean honestly i was on facebook last night and she made me stop!!!!:p You've been Rick Roll'd

How do you remove nail polish remover from a wooden floor?

Acetone takes nail polish off of most anything, but then you lose the coating and stain. So, use a non-acetone remover and/or mineral spirits. Most likely, you will have to restain and recoat the area.

Exterior Home Painting?

form_title=Exterior Home Painting form_header=8443 Please specify how many stories there are in your home.*= {Select One,One story,Two stories,Three stories or more} Could you specify the kinds of surfaces that need painting and/or staining?*= [] Siding [] Trim [] Doors [] Stucco [] Shutters [] Masonry (brick/stone) Would you like to know more about the project's green alternatives ?*= () Yes () No Are any of the following signs being shown on the outside of your home?*= [] Peeling or flaking paint [] Bare wood [] Chalking [] Cracks [] Chipped stucco [] Rusty nails [] Trim pulling away from house [] Water damage How would you categorize this project?*= () New Construction () Repaint () Restain

Rain and Wood?

As long as your purchase wooden shutters that are designed for the outdoors you will be fine. They are designed to withstand all weather conditions and you can even find ones that withstand the rain and winds of hurricanes. Just be sure that you follow instructions on how to care for them and know when you need to restain and reseal them.

Dyeing your leather jacket?

i went to a restaurant and the table had recently been wiped clean and was still damp. I leaned against the table and what ever was used to clean it brought the colour out of the leather and left a pale almost white stain.I would like to restain the jacket (IT IS A NUT BROWN) as near the original colour as possible. How can i do it ?

What happen in new moon?

balla gets i a car crash and is in a coma........edward was in the car with her.... she has gaping cuts and wounds all around her face spilling blood everywhere edward trys to restain himself but she gets turned into a vampire......but its not a bad thing if he didnt she would have died by loss of blood and she was in a really bad coma so she wouldn't have woken up......

Can you restain wood panelling?

If the paneling is real wood, it can be restained easily. You would need to lightly sand it, and then stain it just as you would any other wooden surface. If the paneling is laminate, you would go about it in the same manner but may find that the stain does not penetrate the surface of the material as easily. So, for laminated paneling you might want to try a test area first.

How do you remove nail polish remover from a stained concrete floor?

Pure acetone. the main solvent in nail polish remover is acetone the acetone has changed the colour of the stain on the concrete, wash the area afected with pure acetone reapeat several times this will remove the other ingredents in the nail polish remover if the stain on the concrete does not return to its natural colour then sand it and restain.

What is an easy way to restain a wood table?

I have included a websit that will help you with this. It only consists of 5 steps that are not at all difficult. The pain thing about restaining a wood table is not difficulty but the amount of time it takes. Restaning a wood table is very time consuming and will take patience if you want it to come out right. Hope the following website is helpful:

How do you get fingernail polish remover out of a coffee table?

There is one method you can use before you have to sand down and restain your coffee table. Take a medium hot iron and take a double square of paper towel. Put the paper towel on top of the stain and hold the iron on top of the paper towel to the count of 10 or 12 AND NO MORE. Wait a minute, then keep doing it until you hopefully get all of the nail polish off. This is going to leave a dull spot so you can use oil-based polish for wood to bring the spot up. If this isn't working then sorry, you will have to sand down and restain your table. TIP: Women are notorious for doing their nails in bed or on top of a coffee table and I've done it myself. I use an old place mat and use that as my work area. If doing your toe nails use an old towel in bed or on the floor by the coffee table.

How do you fix a broken door frame?

If you can get the wood back into it's original position you use Gorilla glue in the broken joints and clamp the broken joints together for 8 hours.(follow the GG instructions) Later remove the excess glue and sand the joints. Fill any remaining cracks or holes with a wood filler. Next day sand them. When you are satisfied the wood is restored -prime paint or restain.

Should you restore the wood finish on a grundig 9078 console radio?

Depends on how bad it is, is the more obvious answer. It also depends on whether you are doing it, and keeping it, or refinishing to sell it. Does it need a stripping and restain/sealer or does it need wood repair due to chips or cracks on the veneer? Bottom line is, if you are doing it for yourself, go for it. If you are looking to make a buck, I'd say sell it as is, and let a new owner worry about it, if it bothers them.