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For purposes of civil engineering, an average soil will have a density of about 100 to 110 pounds per cubic foot. (This can vary a little depending upon how well compacted the soil is.)

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Q: What is the average density of soil?
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What is the weight of a unit of soil?

You need to know the soil type, moisture content, density. There is no standard unit. Find an average density first.

How do you get the weight of soil in an area?

Estimate the thickness of the soil over the area (test pits will help with this) - measure the average density of the soil (out of the test pits). You then have:- The "area" tiles the "thickness" = the volume of soil. Volume times density = weight.

Is bulk density influence soil texture?

Definitely, soil texture influences soil bulk density

What is the meaning of dry density of soil?

It means the density of the soil when it is dry e.g. there is no water

What is submerged density of soil?

The unit weight of submerged soil: Submerged Density (kN/m3) = Saturated Density - Water Density Water Density = 9.81 kN/m3

Is particle density influence by the soil texture?

soil texture is heavily influenced by particle density

What is Maximum acceptable percentage of dry density for soil in relation to maximum dry density?

i have bulk desity of soil and have natural moisture how can i get unit weight of soil

What is the importance of finding field density by sand replacement method?

this method is used to determine the field density of soil and bulk density of soil wrt to sand. this method is not suitable for organic , saturated. highly plastic soil that will deform during the excavation of soil.

What is the average density of cfrp?

Density depends on laminant, which is why there is no average density for CFRP

Maximum bulk density can be occur?

bulk density depend on that material from which soil formed. so maximum bulk density depend on particle density of that mineral. Therefore,we can only tapped the soil upto perticle density. so maximum bulk density may be occur at equal to paricle density.

What is the density of black cotton soil?


The Moon's average density is about the same as the density of which of the Earth's layers?

The moon's average density is about the same as the density of mantle of the Earth.