What is the average density of the human body?

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Well, it's just about the same as that of water, because when you
put the average human being in water, he just barely floats in it.
Some people (me, for example) can sink or float depending on how much
air they hold in their lungs, so their density can vary from just
below to just above 1.0 g/cm^3.
Human body density is 61 to 67 pounds per cubic foot. Most people use 64 pounds per cubic foot because it equals 8 squared and 4 cubed.
Water weighs 62.42796 pounds per cubic foot.
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How many atoms are there in the average human body?

According to Jefferson Lab, an average 70 Kg person, that's about 150 lbs, will have approximately 7*10 to the 27th atoms in their body. That's 7 followed by 27 zeros (7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000). The number of stars in the Universe, which is estimated at 10*10 to the 21, or 10 followe ( Full Answer )

What is average density?

The densities of the individual samples vary slightly but are all closely above or below a value - the average density - that is the arithmetical mean of the individuals' values.

What is the human body cells average pH?

An average human body cell has an alkaline pH. This means it isabove 7. Normally, a human cell will average 7.35-7.45 on the pHscale.

What is the Average human body temperature in degrees Celsius?

The average normal human body temperature is 37 degrees C (98.6 degress F) but it can vary somewhat for an individual. The average adult temperature is 36.8 degrees C (98.2 degrees F). Older people will average a bit less. These values can also vary with time of day, with a typical individual ( Full Answer )

What is the density of the human body?

\nwell i think it depends how much fat you have on your body. fat is less dense than bones and muscle, therefore a fat persons density is lower than an athletic person but an average person should be close to the waters density. (which is 1 in 4 Celcius)

Average human body temperature?

The average body temperature for humans is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.It can fluctuate from 97.8 degrees Fahrenheit to 99 degreesFahrenheit in a healthy person.

How could you compute for the density of the human body?

\n. \nYou would need to make generalizations for each portion of the body, then find each volume. For example, call each leg and each arm a cylinder, your head a sphere, and your body a rectangular cube. Find the volume for each part using average heights and/or diameters. Then, divide the mass (kg ( Full Answer )

What is the average volume space of the human body?

The human body has a density close to that of water ~ 1000 kg/m^3 an average person weight maybe 70 kg, which gives an approximatebody volume of V=m/M = 70/1000 = 0,07 m^3 Although, a human body density could definitely change depending onanything that could be implanted into the body, and since f ( Full Answer )

How much ash does the average human body create?

depends on the heat of the fire. But it shouldn't be a lot. I'm no pyotechnician. But consider this: That's what a human is made of: . Oxygen (65%) . Carbon (18%) . Hydrogen (10%) . Nitrogen (3%) . Calcium (1.5%) . Phosphorus (1.0%) . Potassium (0.35%) . Sulfur (0.25%) . Sodium (0.15% ( Full Answer )

How Many Beers Can a Average Human Body Metabolise in a hour?

On average it takes about 1.5 hours for a body to breakdown and pass one unit of alcohol, in most modern lagers there are about 3 units of alcohol in a pint, thus one pint of lager will take around 4.5 hours to leave your system entirely - obviously these are AVERAGE - everyone will differ slightly, ( Full Answer )

What is the average mass of human body?

It depends on the part of the world in which you are living. In the United Stated it is 155 lbs. Note, this is not the mass, but rather the weight.

What is the average density of a human body?

According to wikipedia (See related link below), density is 1010 kg/m 3 = 1.01 g/cm. Please understand that this number is good for calculations and estimations but not real life because it averages all the densities of skin, bone, blood, brain, etc..

What is the average density of human feces?

The generally accepted mass of human feces is 1 gram for every 3centimeters. That being said, this a an estimate and cannot providea 100 percent accurate weight conversion.

How much damage can the average adult human body take?

Not much, Mate. One meteor or bullet and it's pretty much fertilizer time. Edit by Tanmanknex: Well, it depends on where the damage is taking place and how severe it is. For example, if one person was shot in their hand and another was shot in the head, one would probably survive and the other wo ( Full Answer )

Is human body density greater than water density?

No. The human body's density is very slightly below that of water, as the body contains air pockets that more than make up for the slightly heavier parts, and the rest is just water itself.

How long does it take on average for a human body accelerate to 78 mph in freefall?

3.6 seconds . Convert 78 mph to meters per second: 78 mph=35 meters/second The acceleration of earths gravity is 9.8 meters per second squared. This is constant. Therefore, using basic calculus, the velocity of a falling object is equal to 9.8 meters per second times the time it has fallen ( Full Answer )

How could you compute the density of the human body?

Fill a bath or other suitably sized vessel with a known volume of water. Mark the surface of this volume. Submerge the human subject, and mark the new level as well. Remove the human, ensuring as much water as possible is returned to the vessel. Now fill the vessel with water, measuring the amount u ( Full Answer )

What is the average width of the human body?

The average width of a healthy adult human body is about a 1 and athird feet wide in diameter around the torso. This is based on abody after it has reached its prime growth.

How do you calculate the density of a human body?

Immerse the body in water, measure the displacement, weigh the body divide the mass by the volume. (The density is almost 1) and depends on if you count the air in the lungs as part of the body or not)

How much does an average human eat per day as percentage of their body weight?

Well, one calorie is equivalent to 7.71617917647 g. So to calculatethe percentage of a persons body weight eaten, lets look at anaverage diet. A 19-30 year old male eats about 2600-2800 calories aday. We'll say 2700. This is equivalent to 349.914114 g, or about.35 kg. A normal 5' 9" male weighs arou ( Full Answer )

What is the average human body weight?

In the United States the average human body weight is 190.9 lbs (86.6 kg) for men, and 164.0 lbs (74.4 kg) for women. In the U.K. the average body weight for men is 185.2 lbs (84.0 kg) and 152.1 lbs (69.0 kg).

What is the strongest part of the average human body?

The strongest part of the human body, if we consider the tissues themselves, would the the enamel in our teeth. That is the one part of the body that remains even after a body is severely decayed, or burned; as anyone familiar with forensics would tell you.

On average How many heartbeats in the human body in a year?

Many factors affect heart rate. On average women have higher average heart rates than men. Overweight people have higher rates than trim people. People who are sedentary have higher heart rates than athletic people. The degree of ones daily activity (activity raises heart rate). Using 66 beats pe ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the average of the human body is water?

Infants are about 80%, adult men are 70%, andadult women are 60%. The difference between men and women has to dowith body fat content which is higher for women and fat, or adiposetissue, displaces water, the amount in their tissues is the same asmen, but the overall ratio to their entire body weight ( Full Answer )

Why is the average human body temperature 37 degrees Celsius?

The human body runs on a large number of biochemical processes. Chemical reactions happen faster at higher temperatures, so the body needs to have a certain amount of heat in order to function in an optimal manner. However, it is dangerous to have too high a temperature because at some point, there ( Full Answer )

What is the average density of an average person?

Since the average person is predominantly made up of water, we are very close to the density of pure water - which is why we just barely float in swimming pools, hot tubs, etc. When you fill your lungs with air you float better, when you expel air, you start to sink. According to a 1966 study by the ( Full Answer )