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according Williard C. Losinger* of the USA Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary Services, Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health 555 South Howes Street, Suite 200, Fort Collins Colorado, 80521 USA, the ratio for pigs vary between 2.18 to 5.91 in American husbandries.

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What is the average feed conversion ratio for chickens on full feed?

2 or 3 pounds of feed per one pound of weight gain depending on the breed, feed quality and environmental conditions.

What is the average feed conversion ratio for beef cattle on full feed?

Cattle average from 5.5 to 6.5 lbs of feed per lb of gain. These numbers can vary a lot depending on weight of cattle entering the feedyard, genetic background etc...

What is the average feed conversion ratio for broilers on full feed?

A good feed conversion would be 2 lbs of feed to yield 1 lb of live bird weight. Anything less than that is great. The lowest I've ever seen was 1.6 lbs of feed to yield 1 lb of live bird. A system has been developed that stimulates more active crops and gizzards of meat chicken. This leads to enhanced digestion of their feed and healthier birds with lower mortality and improved feed efficiency. We have recorded Feed Conversion Ratios of under 1.5 to 1!

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