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the average height of a grizzly bear is about 8ft tall

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Q: What is the average height of a grizzly bear?
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What are the average height and weight and color of a grizzly bear?

A grizzly bear can grow to an average seven feet, can weigh an average 550 pounds, and can appear dark brown or sometimes black.

How far up a tree would you to climb to escape a grizzly bear of average height?

at least 20 feet

How many kids does a grizzly bear have?

On average a grizzly has two cubs.

What is the height of the average grizzly bear?

american grizzleys are 40-60in. on all fours. 5-7ft. tall on hind

Is a black bear stronger than a grizzly bear?

It varies on the sizes and genders. Average vs. average, the male grizzly bear is a lot stronger than a male black bear. But a very large male black bear would be stronger than a small female grizzly bear.

What is the average speed of a bear?

The average grizzly bear can run about 60 km/h.

How many babes can a grizzly bear have?

The average grizzly bear litter consists of 2, sometimes 4 cubs.

Who wins a fight between a grizzly bear and a panther?

A Grizzly Bear due to its size, height, pure strength, claws, and astonishing speed.

Grizzly bear can run as fast as the average what?


What is the average incubation of an grizzly bear?

8 months

What would win a grizzly bear or saltwater crocodile?

A grizzly bear would be even out with an average saltwater crocodile on land. In water, the crocodile can pull the bear underwater.

Who wins grizzly bear or saltwater crocodile?

A large male grizzly bear can kill the average saltwater crocodile on land. In water, the crocodile wins.

How common are Grizzly bear attacks on humans?

Between 1900 and 1985, there were 162 Grizzly bear attacks recorded in the Journal of Emergency Medicine. On an average it is believed that there are 2-3 Grizzly bear attacks on humans each year.

What movie and television projects has Brody the Bear been in?

Brody the Bear has: Played Grizzly bear in "Walker, Texas Ranger" in 1993. Played Grizzly bear in "Promised Land" in 1996. Played Grizzly Adams Grizzly bear in "P.T. Barnum" in 1999. Played Grizzly bear in "Twice in a Lifetime" in 1999. Played Grizzly Bear in "Grizzly Park" in 2008.

Who is stronger a grizzly bear or cougar?

A grizzly bear

What is a grizzly bear's ecosystem?

what is a Grizzly bear ecosystem?

Who is bigger a panda or a grizzly bear?

Grizzly bear.

Is grizzly bear poisonous?

Grizzly bear is not poisonous.

What is the species name for a grizzly bear?

The species name for grizzly bear is The Great Big Grizzly Bear in BC

Which one is taller a polar bear or a grizzly bear?

A Grizzly Bear is big but, if you measure them side by side, the Polar Bear is seven inches taller than the Grizzly Bear.

Is a black bear bigger than a grizzly bear?

No, the grizzly bear is bigger.

Who would win into a fight with a grizzly bear or a panda bear?

grizzly bear

What is the height of a grizzly bear?

The height of a grizzly bear would all depend on its age and sex. Males tend to stand at around 4 to 5 feet at the shoulder, whereas females are a bit shorter, at around 3 feet or less at the shoulder.

Which hibernates longer a grizzly bear or a black bear?

a grizzly.

Is the grizzly bear a prey or predator?

The grizzly bear is a predator

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