What is the average lifespan of a human being?

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Actually, Scientists Have Discovered That The Average Lifespan for a New Born Baby Exceed's 100 Year's, If It Is Born in The Next Ten Year's.

86 for a man and 100 for a woman

Well, according to the CIA's The World Factbook, the current average human lifespan is approximately 66 and a half years.

On average the current life expectancy for the world is about 67.2 years. (see the first related link). The current average life expectancy for just the US is 78.3 years. (see the second related link).
A human CAN live up to about 120 years of age, but most people only live to about 80 or 90. The average life span for a woman is 80 years, the average life span for a man is 74.3 years.
The average human life span in the world today is 67.2 years.