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What is the average lifespan of a human being?

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Actually, Scientists Have Discovered That The Average Lifespan for a New Born Baby Exceed's 100 Year's, If It Is Born in The Next Ten Year's.

86 for a man and 100 for a woman

Well, according to the CIA's The World Factbook, the current average human lifespan is approximately 66 and a half years.

On average the current life expectancy for the world is about 67.2 years. (see the first related link). The current average life expectancy for just the US is 78.3 years. (see the second related link).
A human CAN live up to about 120 years of age, but most people only live to about 80 or 90. The average life span for a woman is 80 years, the average life span for a man is 74.3 years.
The average human life span in the world today is 67.2 years.

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The average healthy lifespan of a human is 90 to 105 years of age.

Lifespan of a Human being or a person : 70-90 years.

The average lifespan is about 82 years.

They do not compare, you can take the average human lifespan and divide the average ferret lifespan. But this number will not be good for anything. Search wikipedia for "Aging in dogs" for more information

The average lifespan of an American human is around 77.5-80 years. For more info, go to: Now the average lifespan is 79.5-82 years old The oldest recorded person was 122 but it is rare for people to live or live longer than 102

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Average lifespan of a human is more than 70 years. For more tips & tricks of the trade visit

The same as any other human being. We are regular people.

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The average worldwide lifespan, is 67.2, with women living an average of 69 years, and men living an average of 65 years.

Approximately 72.2 years. Some lives are shorter and longer.

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