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That would be very difficult to determine. It would be based on how you are defining exam, the level of education sought, the specific program of study, and each professor's method of testing which varies.

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According to the Official SAT Study Guide, the average number of SAT tests taken by students range from 2-3. The research has shown that a student performs better on his or her second time taking the exam. However, the research conducted by the College Board has also shown that people who take the SATs more than three times do not improve but rather perform worse than their first, second or third time taking the exam.

It is, therefore, important that a student thinks of every SAT exam as his or her last. Research has shown that such an attitude not only minimizes the amount of time the student has to take the exam but also improves his or her score.

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in kindergarten, there are not many tests which the child takes, since grading is based on the child's performance in everyday class.

as the child enters grade -1, he/she is exposed to tests, which can be 1 per quarter, therefore, 4 tests in a year. this continues till the child completes his grade10.

so, that sums to 40 tests on an average from grade 1-10 put together.

when in college, the number of tests increase, as the subjects are specific. therefore, there are many tests - internal and final exams. so, one is unable to give the number of tests taken by children in their college.

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Q: What is the average number of exams that college students take each year?
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