What is the average output MW of a nuclear power plant?

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As of 2007, worldwide there were 439 operational nuclear reactors with total capacity of 372,002 MW; making the average output 846 MW. However, the average new reactor can be expected to be larger.

The reactors so far built in the US range up to about 1100 MWe electrical output, but new ones up to about 1500 MWe are planned
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What are the classifications of nuclear power plants?

The two designs built commercially in the US are the Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR) and the Boiling Water Reactor (BWR). Both these use ordinary water as moderator and coolant. In Canada the Heavy Water Moderated design (Candu) has been built in numbers. In France a large number of PWR's has be ( Full Answer )

Can a nuclear power plant explode?

It depends. Most, if not all, nuclear power plants are incapable of exploding in a nuclear fashion. Yes, it is possible to have super prompt criticality, where reactivity, or what we call K Effective is much greater than 1 and the reaction geometry degrades to the point where it can be sustained wi ( Full Answer )

What is good about nuclear power plants?

We create "green" energy. As with everything in our world there always is the possibility of something going wrong or having a problem. Another good thing is that we generate over %20 of the electricity that is used in the united states.

How does nuclear power plants work?

It works by Turbines and Generators put simply. The unstable element in the reactor unit is used to heat/pressurize water. The water is then pumped into pipes. These pipes are then run through a container (for lack of a better word) called a steam generator. There is water inside this container and ( Full Answer )

What is Average energy output of nuclear reactor?

It is different for all reactor types, but I'll tell you about the CANDU, as it is widely used, and I know the most about it.. Each CANDU reactor holds 4500-6500 fuel bundles at one time, each 50cm long and 10cm in diameter, each weighing about 20kg. Each produces roughly 1GWh (gigawatt hour) of po ( Full Answer )

Why are nuclear power plants expensive?

Nuclear power plants are expensive because they require specialconstruction. They must be heavily shielded, plus the requireconstant monitoring to insure that they remain cool enough.

What is a 500 MW power plant?

A power plant which produces 500 million watts (500 megawatts) The actual rating would be 500MWh's ( the hours are implied in this case.) This is not always the output from the plant, but rather the plants uppermost limit of production capability under perfect conditions.

How big an area does an average nuclear power plant provide energy with?

The average nuclear power reactor in the US has an output of about 1000 MWe. This is for the 104 presently operating ones, new ones may be larger. The size of an area that consumes 1000 MWe varies considerably from heavily populated areas with industry, to lowly populated areas, so you can't put a s ( Full Answer )

-if a generator in an oil-thermal power plant is 35 percent efficient and its output capacity is 3 000 MW what is the output power for the turbine generator system?

If the oil fired furnaces produce 3000 MW thermal, and the overall station efficiency is 35 percent, this means that the electrical power sent out is 1050 MWe. This assumes you do mean the overall station efficiency, ie that the power used for auxiliaries on the station is subtracted from the total ( Full Answer )

What is the average output MW of a coal power plant?

There are 492 coal-fired power plants in the U.S., with an average size of 667 megawatts (MW) and an average age of 40 years. Source: "Form EIA-860 Database, Annual Electric Generator Report," U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration, 2005 data set. http://www.eia.doe.gov/cneaf ( Full Answer )

What powers nuclear power plants?

The energy released in nuclear fissions usually of U-235 or Pu-239 (or both together) nuclear power is powered by uranium which is split in the reactor (main part of the plant) this creates a chemical reaction witch creates a lot of heat energy which boils water to turn some turbines that drive the ( Full Answer )

A power plant burns coal and generates an average of 610.0 MW of electrical power while discharging 963.80 MW as waste heat Find the total electrical energy generated by the plant in a 30-day period.?

The power generated would just be 610.0 MW; it looks like the the amount of waste heat is irrelevant for the problem. Since power is defined as energy / time, you can calculate energy simply by multiplying power x time. To user compatible units: . Convert MW to kW . Convert days to hours . Afte ( Full Answer )

What is the average power output of a hydroelectric power plant?

Plant Load Factor varies widely with Hyrdo Plants because of Location and Control Method. Some large plants can produce up to 1000 Mega Watts (MW) while smaller Hyrdo Stations (About 60 - 80% or all active Hyrdo Generation is through Hydro Stations) can boost anywhere from 80 MW to 500 MW respectful ( Full Answer )

What is fuel in a nuclear power plant?

The fuel in most nuclear power plants is 92 U 235 . The most common isotope of Uranium, however, is 92 U 238 , which is harder to fission, so the manufacturing process for the fuel includes a process called enrichment, where the percentage of 92 U 235 is raised from its nominal 0.5%-1% to aroun ( Full Answer )

Where in the US are Nuclear Power Plants?

There are 104 nuclear power plants currently operating in theUnited States. These are divided by the Nuclear RegulatoryCommission into four districts. Region One (The Northeast) has plants in Maryland, Pennsylvania,New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and NewHampshire. Region T ( Full Answer )

How long have you had nuclear power plants?

Nearly 54 years. The first nuclear power plant to put power on an electric grid was the Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant, located in Obninsk, about 110 km southwest of Moscow, which began supplying power on June 27, 1954. The plant was regarded as "semi-experimental." The first commercial nuclear power p ( Full Answer )

What is the problem with nuclear power plants?

There is a huge propaganda push by the nuclear industry to justify nuclear power as a panacea for the reduction of global-warming gases. At present there are 442 nuclear reactors in operation around the world. If, as the nuclear industry suggests, nuclear power were to replace fossil fuels on a larg ( Full Answer )

What is the average size of a nuclear power plant?

electrical - about 1000Mwatt, physical - varies with design, can't give exact figure. The reactor itself, in a typical 1 GW plant, is smaller than you might think: about the size of a large bathroom or small bedroom. The containment vessel is comparatively huge, and largely empty.

When will a nuclear power plant run out?

The typical usable life of a nuclear power plant is approximately 40 - 50 years to be economical to build and run. That does not mean that the fuel runs out but other things may become unusable.

Are nuclear power plants dangerous?

They certainly can be, as Japan shows. Given the highest standards of design, building, and operation, and so long as events don't happen that are worse than the designers expected, they can operate safely for the design life. The problem of what to do with the spent fuel afterwards still exists tho ( Full Answer )

What is the moderator in nuclear power plants?

The moderator in a nuclear power plant is the substance that is used to slow down neutrons that are generated by the fission reactions. When fissile material fissions, fission fragments appear, as do neutrons. These neutrons, which leave the fission reaction with a heap of kinetic energy, might go o ( Full Answer )

Efficiency of nuclear power plant?

PWR's and BWR's have thermal efficiencies around 33%, that is the generated power as opposed to the reactor thermal power.

What is the efficency of a nuclear power plant?

Mechanical and heat losses in the generating plant aside, the current generation of Light Water Reactors is about 33%. Newer technologies such as Supercritical Water Reactors can reach efficiencies of up to around 45%.

How the nuclear power plant works?

Nuclear fuels like uranium or plutonium release huge amounts of heat energy, this heats water which tuns to steam. This steam turns turbines, which turn a generator, whch creates electricity.

Are there nuclear power plants in Texas?

There are four operating plants per the NRC: . Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1 - Glen Rose, TX . Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 2 - Glen Rose, TX . South Texas Project, Unit 1 - Bay City, TX . South Texas Project, Unit 2 - Bay City, TX There are 104 plants licensed to ope ( Full Answer )

Where does a nuclear power plant need to be?

Close to a cooling source IE the sea, hence why most are on the coast. Cooling turns the dry steam from the turbines back into water and the process restarts.

What is Conclusion of nuclear power plant?

Nuclear has many hidden costs. the power plants have to be dismantled after their useful life at large expense. The issue of disposing of the radioactive waste is still a hot topic. There is an underground disposal depot in Nevada intended for this. One problem with that is that the waste still h ( Full Answer )

What is the waste from the nuclear power plants?

The most significant part is the spent fuel which is highly radioactive and must be stored away from the possibility of people becoming exposed to it, for centuries to come.

How do you dismantle a nuclear power plant?

You remove the fuel and store it in a place where decay heat removal can be permanently sustained. You either keep it in the spent fuel pool, you give it or sell it to another facility that has a compatible reactor, or you transport it to a high level waste facility. You decontaminate the facilit ( Full Answer )

Is nuclear power plant renewable?

Nuclear fuel (uranium) is not renewable. The plant itself has a life based on deterioration of important components, especially the main reactor pressure vessel. This is subject to intense neutron bombardment during operation, and at present can only be licensed (in the US) for up to 60 years. At th ( Full Answer )

Is there a nuclear power plant in Minnesota?

There are two operating nuclear power plants in Minnesota: . Monticello: A single 613 megawatt boiling water reactor located in Monticello, Minnesota. . Prairie Island: A 1,076 megawatt plant with two pressurized water reactors located in Red Wing, Minnesota.

Are there nuclear power plants in Nebraska?

There are at least two nuclear power plants in Nebraska including the one at Fort Calhoun and another called the Cooper Nuclear Station operated by the Nebraska Public Power District.

Why does Japan have Nuclear Power plants?

Japan has nuclear power plants for the same reason that other countries have them - they need the power - and nuclear power has the lowest impact of all the various other options. It also happens that Japan is limited for space, having a large population in comparison to their land area. Nuclear ( Full Answer )

Do nuclear power plants have nuclear waste?

Yes, and a lot of it too! There is no permanent storage so they put the casks in a pool of boric acid so the waste can cool down. A problem is that the pools are becoming overcrowded and people need to fine a permanent storage instead of a temporary one..They found a place in Yucca Mountain a while ( Full Answer )

How do you get power from a nuclear power plant?

The controlled nuclear reaction generates large amounts of heat. That heat boils water, which creates steam. The steam turns turbine blades, and the turbine generates electricity.

Why nuclear power plant explodes?

Nuclear power plants don't explode, in the style of a nuclear bomb. That particular super prompt criticality is impossible to maintain for the length of time necessary to consume the core, leading to a true, nuclear detonation. If you are thinking about the explosions that occurred at the Fukushi ( Full Answer )

How many GJ of natural gas to power 1 MW power plant?

there is 4.1858 joules in a calorie 1 kg of steam requires 538 kilocalories to be produced plus superheat for use in a steam engine of about another 400 Kc approximately. If the engine has a watering rate of 2.2 KG per Kw using the 938 Kc / Kg that would require 2.0636 Mc / Kw. This is equivalen ( Full Answer )

Does Iran have a nuclear power plant?

Yes, Iran has only one nuclear power plant operating of power 915 Megawatt electric. This is according to the statistics of the International atomic Energy Agency as of April 2004.

What does a nuclear reactor do in a nuclear power plant?

You rip apart an atom which releases great energy in the form of heat. The energy causes water to evaporate which turns a turbine. The turning turbine creates electricity. This is how a nuclear reactor works.

What is the average power output of a BSA engine?

A BSA, or Birmingham Small Arms, engine ranges from 125cc to 175cc, making the average output 150cc. The 125cc engines were manufactured in 1948 and the engines became increasingly more powerful.