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When people are young and have just purchased a house a personal debt asset ratio of 80% or more is common. For middle-aged people and older a ratio of 50% or less is desirable.

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What is income ratio in mutul fund industries?

income ratio of a mutual fund is defined as a ratio of net investment income to its average net asset value.

How do you calculate the net asset ratio?

Net Asset Ratio = Total Net Assets/Total Assets

What are Asset Utilization Ratios?

How do I compute Asset Utilization ratio

What's the formula for quick asset ratio?

1. Quick assets ratio formula Quick asset ratio = quick assets / current liabilities

What is asset turnover?

Asset Turnover is a financial ratio that measures the efficiency of a company's use of its assets in generating revenue or income for the company. A higher asset turnover ratio implies that the company is operating efficiently and is able to generate solid revenue income using the assets at their disposal.Formula:Asset Turnover = Sales / Average Total Assets

What is current assets to total assets ratio?

Current asset to total asset ratio shows how much is the proportion of current asset with comparison to total assets of business.

What is the asset turnover ratio if the net sales are 51195 and the average total assets is 135128?

Asset Turnover = Net Sales/Average Total Assets Asset Turnover = 51195/134128 Asset Turnover = 0.38169 It depends on the industry, but generally a number this low indicates that the company has too much money tied up in assets that are not contributing to sales. It's a ratio of sales/total assets (or total average assents). Profit margins are an important consideration when analysing this number.

What does investment asset ratio measure?

The investment asset ratio measures the ratio of investment holdings to actual assets. It is used to determine whether a company can afford to keep its current investments.

What is the asset turnover ratio used for?

The asset turnover ratio is used to calculate how effectively a company is using it's assets to encourage production. If the asset turnover ratio is high, the assets are being used effectively. If the ratio is low, the assets could be used more productively to facilitate production.

Can a asset turnover ratio be negative?

yes it can

Debt asset ratio 74 return on asset 13 percent what is return on equity?


On average how much money can you get with a personal loan?

A personal loan is determined by personal debt to credit ratio. Which is only a one factor used to establish eligibility. There is not an average amount. Personal loans are requested for individual needs and can vary.

What is the formula for calculating ratio analysis?

Ratio Analysis = Current Asset / Current Liabilities

What is the formula for current ratio?

current ratio = current asset divided by current liability

How do you calculate total asset turnover?

Total asset turnover ratio = total sales / total assets

What is a net asset ratio?

Interesting, there really isn't such a thing as 'net assets ratio'. There's a current asset ratio which is probably the closest thing and current assets / current liabilities which gives you an idea of the company's liquidity.

What 2 ratio does mortgage lenders use to evaluate your ability to pay a loan?

debt to asset ratio income to outgo ratio

What ratios are important in banking sector?

Credit to deposit ratioCapital adequacy ratioNon-performing asset ratioProvision coverage ratioReturn on assets ratio

What are the most five important ratios for banks?

current raiot, working capital ratio, liquidity ratio, capital adequacy ratio, net asset ratio

What are Asset Quality Ratios?

Asset quality ratios determines the quality of loans of a financial institution. If the ratio is high the more at risk the loans are. The lower the ratio, the less likely the loan would be at risk.

What is relationship of asset turnover rate to the rate of return on total assets?

It is the ratio..

Fixed assets to current asset ratio?

fixed assets / current assets

What is a simple definition of capital asset ratio?

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What is the ratio of gold as a percentage of global financial assets?

In 1968 the gold/Asset ratio was nearly 5%. Then there was a decrease till 2001 (ratio <0,5%). Since then the ratio slowly increases and is now near 0,8%.

Total debt to total asset ratio?

Loan companies typically look at your debt to total asset ratio when making lending decisions. If your debt is more than 50 percent of your total assets, they may not give you a large loan.

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