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In 2009 the average auto insurance premium for residents in Maryland is $2,295.


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You can check car insurance comparisons online. Go to

Yes they are. Each driver in Maryland is required to carry $2500.00 worth of this car insurance.

Wrong category, but I will answer. Of course you can. Make sure you have the title, and get insurance for the drive back to MD, and get temporary tags or in transit tags. When you get to MD, register the car.

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Yes, but there are some complications to keep in mind. The registration states the owner resides in Maryland, not that the car does. However, MD has a mandatory insurance law that requires the car to maintain insurance in MD the whole time it is registered. If the insurance lapses, the registration is cancelled. The insurance company may have problems with a vehicle being insured in one state but driven in another for a long period. Also, there are periodic inspection requirements. If the inspection period is missed, your registration is cancelled. You can only have it inspected in MD. If you are stopped by the police for any reason, you'll have to be able to explain why your name doesn't match the registration. You may want a note from the relative explaining the situation. So, as long as someone is still at the Maryland registered address and can keep up the insurance and notify the car driver to return to MD for an inspection, then you can probably do as you ask. You can confirm with the MD MVA by calling 1-301-729-4550. (The 1-800 number only works in MD.)

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Helfbenbein Insurance Agency is a local auto insurance agent office in Chester, Maryland. They are located at 100 Helfenbein Lane and their toll free number is 800-643-2291. is a good one. You can also call at 13224 Executive Park Terrace, Germantown, MD - (301) 253-6800.

There are a number of well known, national auto insurance carriers which provide coverage in Maryland. Some of these include Allstate, Progressive Insurance, Nationwide, Geico, and Liberty Mutual. If you are interested in seeking out local carriers I would suggest examining the MD yellow pages, specifically the city/town you're from or intend to move to. Geico, Allstate, State Farm and Erie all offer auto insurance in Maryland.

Maryland has many different auto insurance companies that one can go to. Nationwide is one of the main insurance companies to get auto insurance at, though.

All insurers in MD require at least a drivers license and social security number. Individual insurers may require more.

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Only if the procedure is performed by Michael Greaves, MD.

The average home price in Baltimore, MD varies a lot. There are monthly statistics available. For the month of May 2011, the average home sales price in Balitmore was $147558.

One Geico Plaza Bethesda, MD 20810-0001

The main goal of Car MD is to help users figure out what is wrong with their cars. Then it would also provide information on how to fix the problem once it was diagnosed.

Average costs for a year in a retirment home in MD is around $15,000. This price can vary depending on the home you live in.

i don't know, this is the reason I'm asking

This is what I am trying to ask... I recently moved to the city. I had to get a dc license because my license was about to expire and it just happened. I don't plan on moving from the city any time soon so it was a good idea to jst have a dc license. The thing is, I do not drive my car ANYWHERE. In fact, I don't have it with me. It is in my parents garage....never being used. I don't want to get rid of it because its a great car and I may want to use it every once in a while, but it will never be parked in the city. Now, I think, because I got a dc license, I have to switch my tags to dc tags....meaning i have to register my car in dc. That's no problem. But, since the car will tech be in MD...can i keep the MD insurance? The insurance TRIPLES if i get dc insurance because it thinks it will be in dc with me....and there are a lot of cars and small accidents. Its nuts. I don't want to triple my insurance for a car that i will NEVER drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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It is 32.4 miles (49 minutes by car) from Annapolis MD to Washington DC according to google maps UK

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