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It really depends what type of printer you have, but most of the time they go for about $10-20, depending on what make the printer is, whether the cartridges are colour or black and white, the amount of ink inside the actual cartridges, and of course the quality of the ink or cartridges themselves.

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What is the average price range for Hewlett Packard color printer cartridges?

The average price range for a Hewlett Packard color printer cartridge depends on the type of printer you have. If it's an Inkjet printer it would be around $20-$50. For a Laserjet it could be as high as $72-$200.

Where can one purchase Lexmark T640 printer?

A Lexmark T640 printer can be purchased at Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and Walmart. A used printer can also be found at Amazon, eBay or a local pawn shop at a cheaper price.

How much does a pintey bowes black ink cartridge cost?

The price of a black ink cartridge for a Pitney Bowes printer depends on the make and model of your printer. On average, however, the cost is between 25 and 50 dollars.

What is the difference in the Lexmark XL and XLA ink and cartridges besides price?

The size, Lexmark XLA is a larger printer, and is used for home offices and that. Lexmark XL is smaller and is used on a lot of other things.

How much is the lexmark ink cartridges?

The price of Lexmark ink cartridges is approximately 20 dollars for one cartridge. There are a few different prices, as it depends on the color that one is buying.

How much can be saved by purchasing discount cartridges for a Lexmark Z32 printer?

Savings when purchasing cartridges for a Lexmark Z32 printer can vary from 10% of the actual price to even 50%, precisely depending upon the place one is buying the ink from.

Lexmark Ink Cartridge on line?

Yes it would be way cheaper. They have jumped in price in the last couple of years. You can also have them refilled at Costco and that is a great price.

How much do Sharp Toner Cartridge's cost?

Depending on the model of printer and the cartridge needed, Sharp Toner Cartridges can range in price from $20 to $150. The average price is around $50.

An all in one printer model that is cheap and good?

The best printer company is widely known as Lexmark. Which offers a low price printer that gives you all the functions you can need in a 3 in 1 system.

What are some Laserjet Printer Cartridges prices?

The price of a Laserjet Printer Cartridge depends on many factors like what amount of money the seller wants and where the buyer purchases the item. Average prices of a Laserjet Printer Cartridges is around $40 up to $500.

How much on average is a Kodak Easyshare cartridge?

The Kodak Easyshare cartridge can range in price depending on store and region. But a good estimation for the average price of a Kodak Easyshare cartridge is about $30-$40 USD.

What is the price of a laser ink cartridge?

The price of a laser ink cartridge can vary greatly. It depends on the printer you have, if you buy the name brand cartridge, and if you buy refurbished. For my HP Laser Jet, I buy off brand cartridges for about 45.00.

Does Dell sell P1500 Laser printer cartridges?

"Yes, Dell does sell laser print cartridges for the P1500 laser printer. The price of the cartridge depends on the number of pages each cartridge can print and whether or not you plan to participate in the cartridge recycling program."

Where do I go to sell my empty lasertject printer cartridge which is now umpty?

You can sell empty laserjet printer cartridges to ink recycling stores. These facilities also can refill your ink cartridges for half the price of a new cartridge.

What is the average price for an HP 4515 Printer?

The average price of a HP 4515 printer will depend on which country one is buying from. In the United States the average price is around $1500 new or $500-1000 used.

What does Cartridge World in the UK sell?

Cartridge World refills your ink cartridges and even laser printer cartridges. They offer their services at a discounted price compared to that of their competitors.

What is the price of inkjet printer ink cartridges?

The average cost that I was able to find for inkjet printer ink cartridges was right around six or seven dollars for a single cartridge. However, there were some more expensive ones that were right around $20.

What is the amount of pages this Lexmark prints per minute?

Print speed varies by model, so choose the printer that most closely fits your desired price range.

What is the average price of HP Laser Jet 1320 printer?

The average price of an HP Laser Jet 1320 printer ranges around 200 US dollars. The price of such printers are steadily dropping as technology advances.

What model cartridges fit an HP LaserJet 4V printer?

The model ink cartridges that are compatable witth an HP LaserJet 4V printer are (C)00A laser cartridge, and (C)3900A laser cartridge. They price at around å£110 each.

What is the average cost of a hp 4200n printer?

There average cost of a HP Laserjet 4200N printer varies based on different currencies. The average price in USD of a HP Laserjet 4200N printer is about $150 USD.

Refill Your Ink Cartridges?

If you are looking for inks cartridges for your printer, you may be a little dismayed over the price of ink nowadays. Printer cartridge prices have skyrocketed in recent years because printer companies know that everyone needs printer ink nowadays, no matter what your career, what your age and no matter where you work. Rather than paying full price in an office supply store, try taking your old ink cartridge to someone who can refill it.

What is the average price of a Dell ink cartridge?

It depends on the type of printer, color needed, and quality wanted. Dell ink cartridges price from as low as $17.99 to $45.99 on their website. Although other places may offer Dell ink cartridges as well for a lower price, it will still most likely be in the same price range.

Getting the Best Price on a Cheap Printer Ink Cartridge?

Have you tried to find the best price on a cheap printer ink cartridge, only to find that there is a lower price advertised a week after you buy one of these items? This might be frustrating, but you should know that comparison shopping can only go so far. You don't know when sales are going to start, so the best you can do is try to compare prices when you are actually shopping.

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